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I’m Trying to Attract Your Attention

So after 5 years I have less than 350 followers (and let’s face it, some are businesses).  So many have thousands.  Sure, they’re prettier than me and are more romantically focussed, and just maybe nicer, but hey, I was number … Continue reading

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Good News About the Reader (I Think)

My helper was over this evening and she showed me that all the blogs I follow ARE on my reader when they post!  When you get to the bottom wait a sec for the arrow thingy to slip back up … Continue reading

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UPDATE ON : The Reader–You Probably Knew This; I Didn’t…

Concerning the following which I posted earlier, I learned that for updates on all the blogs I follow to appear on my Reader (instead of many on e-mail),  I must transition from .com to .org for $99.  Just thought you’d … Continue reading

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Always Apologizing, Me

When I first started blogging folks were curious why I had trouble posting to d’Verse. I found out why: I was trying to post my poem from the page I wrote it on which wasn’t a page, I guess, but … Continue reading

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Did I lose other followers? I received the following from Brian today: From owningitlog on About Nan Mykel Nan, Was your site hit by the recent hack, you disappeared from my Reader. I had to re-follow you. Please make a … Continue reading

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SARAH, your e-mail address doesn’t work

Why don’t you just e-mail me and I’ll read what the address is?  I’m Nan   I tried

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A Post to Entertain You

I’ve noticed that I’m stuck in the good company of poets who only visit me when I have a poem up my sleeve or somewhere, preferably on Dverse.  How did this happen?  What happened to the great population of octogenarians … Continue reading

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