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Reblog from Bethany Kay

MAY 7, 2018 / LEAVE A COMMENT I see no escape From this sorrow As it carries a weight In the moment I wake And lingers through Tomorrow

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Heart Connection: How I Help Myself To Calm My Moods, Reduce Anxiety, Still My Nerves, and Create Peace — A Re-blog

I admire your fortitude and love. Your meditation is more thorough than mine but I would like to share mine, on my page Relief-Refresh, under the photo titled Joy. Have you had to deal with anyone over your use of … Continue reading

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IMPATIENCE — Poem – photos from Pixabay

I enjoy the  cat’s pajamas they verbalize at times, but not the moans of underlying pain. Don’t let us know what lies ahead a life of somersaults, dance and glee only to be sidetracked by a dislocated knee.  That I’m one … Continue reading

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