Fortune cookie

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A girl who used to look forward to dinner and a movie

The simple pleasure of walking hand in hand with stillness and a harvest moon

was handed a poisoned fortune cookie

caught a virus, and that virus crawled into her stomach, like a ray gun

it changed the waves until, her stomach like arrythmia of the heart

was fitful and lurched

she was instantly sickened, from a person of health she turned


her body shut down and said

no, I don’t want to eat

dimly she remembered the days

she would lust and long for food

her appetite completely gone, the acidic growl of her stomach

held all dominion

she was slave to nausea 24/7

like a merciless dictator it left her no peace

even in the lingering hours of night

she woke bathed in sweat

her stomach somersaulting in wicked mirth

such a terrible feeling of imbalance…

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Seriously, Go Here:

  Balmorhea – The Winter

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Letter to My Children (Too late for d’Verse)

When I am gone beyond the pale

please know I hope to come back

for a second chance to show my

love for you and you and you too.

I already did for one.



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Strong woman and strong poet. Thanks.

NOT MY SECRET...the journey towards healing from abuse

*photo of me looking at myself in a broken mirror

Do not mistake my brokenness

For weakness

That assumption

Could not be

More wrong

It is in my vulnerability


And my suffering

That I have become


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Trump’s Dog and Pony Show

I had left the tv on yesterday when I lay down on the sofa for a nap. That’s how I caught the dog and pony show on CNN.  I don’t have a working channel changer so I left it on because I’m innately lazy…or was innately sleepy at the time.

So I saw almost all of it, the bi-partisan sham meeting on the huge table with our pres.  Reading body language, it seemed his arms folded across his chest was an unconscious attempt to protect himself from many comments.  Nancy Pelosi was sitting beside him, at times speaking to him and showing him something on paper.  They smiled at each other.  Pres. accused someone jokingly of being “afraid of the NRA.” He said that “we’ve already taken care of bump stocks.”  (I don’t know how.)

He was affable and said he had breakfast Sunday with the NRA and that he told them “Enough is enough,”  that this nonsense has to stop.

I did note that he nixed the idea of an immediate bill, saying he wanted to craft a large, sweeping bill that would be the best ever, and to include mental health.  When asked if he would sign the bill he said he would  “Give it my consideration.”

At first I couldn’t understand what was going on, all these elected officials buttering pres. up and throwing him complimentary remarks.  I knew making the bill larger made it being passed less likely and taking its vote further away from the high tide of public passion.  But how could the invited guests be so vehemently pro?

Then I realized; I was seeing  a dog and pony show for voters back home to see how hard their elected official was working to respond to the grass roots movement begun by the remaining high school victims.

P.S. The very next day he visited with the NRA, probably to assure them that nothing had changed.



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Dick’s Sporting Goods to Stop Selling Assault Rifles

“If the kids can be brave enough to organize like this, we can be brave enough to take these out of here.”

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Has nothing carried over? Funny re-blog


t r e f o l o g y

If we return to earth

each lifetime,

to improve upon our previous self,

I really should be better

at juggling than I am.


And I can just barely use chopsticks.

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