When things go wrong…

                                               We…MAKE DO!

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Pulling your hair only hurts your head–

that’s what grandma always said.


If you can’t say something nice,

then tell the truth said cousin Ruth.


The parole

of the troll

who stole

the payroll

won’ last long.


Sticks and stones

may break my bones

said brother Jones,

but words can really

piss me off!

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What about North Korea?

Thanks for your time and skill to educate me. I’m re-blogging.


Korean War Memorial Buffalo Sister City 2017 Exchange Student at Korean War Memorial at Canalside

At the risk of sounding like an alarmist, I’m alarmed.  For work and for curiosity, I’ve spent many years following Asia; politics, culture, history, I went so far as to teach myself Chinese so I could read their papers, I was put into the Korean language program at the Defense Language Institute.

I spent a short time, in Korea, reading breaking news in Chinese and Korean and telling my bosses what I thought it meant.  I don’t claim to be a great brain on Geo-politics, but I’ve followed it and macro-economics for several decades.  Given my background, unqualified as it is, I’m growing more dismayed daily.

Korea and American friends Buffalo Sister City Korean Exchange Students with Buffalo State Program Director’s Kid

In a nutshell, our President is taking us into schoolyard fights with the world’s biggest bullies.  Putin – Russia’s…

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Feeling sorry for inanimate objects – a re-blog

Delightful. Boy can I resonate to this! They may be a sort of transtional object, but long live transitional objects! I’m re-blogging!

Lucky Otters Haven


Credit: Danielle Hamer Photography/Abandoned Objects

I saw someone’s tweet today that caught my attention because I could relate to its sentiment.

True story @ work tonite I completely crushed a paper cup out of stress at work & almost threw it away but felt bad for the cup so I used it. 

And a few minutes later:

This falls under the same category as me feeling sad after accidentally stepping on an ant, but worse.

I thought I was the only one who ever had these absurd feelings of remorse or pity for inanimate objects, but apparently I’m not.

I remember a couple of years ago, when I was painting my kitchen Kelly green, I accidentally flung some of the paint from my brush all over a small throw pillow that had somehow wound up on the kitchen floor and I’d neglected to pick up and bring to safety.  (Don’t…

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Life? Death? Love, sorrow or joy?





The brain?

Summer rain?

Gone insane?

Window pane?


I saw a vulture picking at a live groundhog today  (actually on the lawn in front of the hospital),   (JUST LIKE TIME PICKS AT ME)

The navel orange looked good , but didn’t have much juice,  I HAVE A NAVEL BUT DON’T LOOK GOOD AND DON’T HAVE MUCH JUICE EITHER.

My feet hurt tonight, poor things.  OH! I FORGOT!  THEY’RE ATTACHED TO ME!

My runny nose won the race.


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Mack and Jack Work for Nan — a mini-script

Mack and Jack are twins who were separated at birth and never knew they had a twin, or even that they were adopted until they see one another on the street in Athens, Ohio, and do a double-take (pun intended).  After seeing each other and talking, they are learning a bit more.

Jack:  Boy, Sells Park is one cool place!

Mack: Sure is.

Jack: Anything interesting in the news today?

Mack: Huh! I’ll say! For all their talk about patriotism, more than 1500 of the “one-percenters” renounced their U.S. citizenship last year so they didn’t have to pay taxes!

Jack: You sound like a Democrat!

Mack: Well sure…aren’t you?

Jack: Never!


Jack: You really are a Democrat?

Mack: To think that my one and only twin is a Republican!

Jack: Duh, if you had more than one you wouldn’t be a twin.

Mack: I thought twins were supposed to be more alike than…well, completely different! A one-percenter! I can’t get over it!  And here I thought you and Velma were broke!

Jack: We are! You can be a poor Republican. They’ll take whatever they can get.

Mack: How and why is what I want to know!  I’m a Union man,  Jack!

Jack: Your adoptive father is a Democrat?

Mack: Of course he is.

Jack: Mine was a Republican.

Mack: Oh…

Jack: I wonder what our natural mother was…is?

Mack: I heard 51 percent of white women voted for Trump.

Jack:  And I heard the Republicans want to make it a crime for a doctor to tell his pregnant patient if her baby is abnormal…

Mack: In these days of that debilitating mosquito!

Jack: Hopefully we’ll know how Mom voted on Saturday, when this show continues at the Farmers Market and we can meet our natural mother!


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A CAUTIONARY TALE : Twelve Years with Sex Offenders

Treating sex offenders for twelve years during their incarceration was an eye-opening experience for me, and I’m a psychologist.

Society’s anxiety about sexual abuse of children has prevented the free flow of information about vital issues for everyone–parent, child, victim, offender, family, and friends.

how family members foster re-offending

how incest is defined

how sexual abuse of children is defined

why incest offenders “do it.”

why victims don’t tell

whether/how to foster a better relationship between perpetrator and victim

how to counter thinking errors

what’s age-appropriate curiosity versus sexual abuse?

how parents should respond to their child’s flirtatiousness

how responsible are some children for their abuse

factors in degree of damage incurred

the role of guilt

what about one’s own sexual abuse?

will victims offend?

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