I tried to post an item on the Koch brothers and Word Press said some pictures have been blocked to prevent others from tracing my site. (Or words to that effect).  Is Word Press protecting them or me?


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Kinda Nice by Anonymous


Your tombstone stands among the rest;

Neglected and alone.

The name and dates are chiseled out

On polished, marbled stone.

It reached out to all who care

It is too late to mourn,

You did not know that I exist

You died ere I was born.

Yet each of us are cells of you

In flesh, in blood, in bone.

Our blood contracts and beats a pulse

Entirely not our own.

Dear Ancestor, the place you filled

One hundred years ago

Spreads out among the ones you left

Who would have loved you so.

I wonder if you lived and loved,

I wonder if you knew

That someday I would find this spot,

And come to visit you.

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Healing Your Hidden Issues

Appears to mesh with Jung’s “Shadow Self.” I’m reblogging to my page on Our Shadow Selves:  By kristalhunter

At some level, we spend our energy trying to hide our unresolved issues. We think that if we can keep those negative issues at bay they aren’t apart of who we really are. However, all of our experienced emotions negative and positive are very much apart of us.  The feelings that we wish we didn’t have impact us until we face them and move beyond them. When we spend energy trying to ignore feelings we don’t want, we actually end up feeling worse and perhaps without even knowing why.

In stillness, we can recognize our negative feelings without being attached to them. In stillness, we face those issues and they soon cease to have power over us. By clearing out our negative fears we create space and we open a new channel of energy; energy of light and possibility. Finding stillness through meditation will do two things; bring us to a state…

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Short Quote

“After all, it is no more surprising to be born twice than it is to be born once.”

–Voltaire, quoted by Philip Kapleau, p. 39, The Wheel of Death.

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Wish you were near.

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If I could turn back the clock and revisit the years The worry and fears would feature less in our lives I would hold your hand tightly and cherish the tears I would be kinder, argue…

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WHO? For d’Verse


Our grandparents live

only in our memories. When we go,

they go.

When you go, I go.

Why care if we’re forgot?

As if we never were?

I speak of myself, now.

Why do I care if I am forgot?

As if I never was, never

strove to overcome my limitations,

only partly successsful,

yearning yet afraid.

If truth be told, my heart is shriveled

from underuse.

My children and grandchildren

know this. Perhaps

being forgot is not

so bad after all.


(About 2009)

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The Owl Who Howled — silly ditty

There once was an owl who howled

“Who’s there? Who’s there?”

“It’s your mother, you feather head!” came the reply.

“Catch us if you can,” came others, “we’re your supper,”

and everyone ran off in different directions at once,

for this was an owl who needed glasses, and whose

mother was still feeding him.


Photo by Bethanyk, obtained during my re-blog of her Wise Being of the Night

Uploaded on: September 15, 2017
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