Evolution’s Tipping Point?

Published March 5, 2023 by Nan Mykel

Many of us thought the 21st century would be the Age of Aquarius, not evolution’s tipping point:

The older generation knows the “The Age of Aquarius”, as a song by the 5th Dimension in 1969. This is exactly what they were telling years before us we were coming into this new age. They got this information from old writings and prophecies. They knew these kids would come to us to help us heal. From (Spring Rayne)

The dictionary’s definition of tipping point is:
“the point at which a series of small changes or incidents becomes significant enough to cause a larger, more important change”.

Life-saving abilities, honed by evolution to foster survival, are being short-circuited in many areas. A look at various AI entries on Google just today is alarming. Do see for yourself…

Tech giants are heralding ChatGPT as revolutionary…. With millions of users, the chatbot has started an A.I. arms race. Companies are rushing to release their own chatbots, and some seem eerily human.
Beyond the excitement, the technology’s possibilities can feel scary — as if science fiction has become reality. ChatGPT has already inspired many people to ask: Will A.I. take my job? It’s a familiar panic, one that resurfaces every time a groundbreaking innovation emerges, like the car or the internet. Still, questioning how A.I. could replace jobs in the future misses a more urgent point: The platform is changing how people work right now.

No longer the future….NOW:

Between them, some of the world’s biggest tech companies have [already] collectively laid off more than 150,000 workers in recent months.
The Real Reasons For Big Tech Layoffs At Google, Microsoft, Meta, and Amazon: In truth, it isn’t likely to be because the companies involved need money. Microsoft MSFT +1.7%, which is reported to have laid off around 10,000 employees, practically simultaneously announced that it plans to invest $10 billion in OpenAI, the creators of the viral application ChatGPT. It seems likely that there is a business reason at the heart of the decision to invest a sum that would equate to $1 million per laid-off employee in an AI company.

Likewise, Google’s parent company Alphabet GOOGLE announced plans to reduce its global headcount by 12,000 – a cut of around 6%. CEO Sundar Pichai has previously described AI as the most transformational technology of all time, and in making the layoffs, stated that the strategy will be to “direct our talent and capital to our highest priorities.” It’s widely thought that Google is working on its own AI-powered answer to ChatGPT that will be announced soon.

Folks are asking a machine what the weather outside is like; depending on a GPS to guide them to their destination;and apparently enjoying the auxiliary help. They’ve even made progress in robot tv anchors. And my college graduate granddaughter cannot read cursive handwriting.

I’ll eat my words if AI succeeds in killing Climate Change, but with a decrease in smarts, manners, education and brotherly love, our much earlier and more primitive underpinning of kinship selection makes a happy Aquarious future less likely.

AND MANY STATES WANT, ARE GETTING, AND REWARDING MORE BABIES. Poor babies, poor mothers and poor us.

My Needle Got Stuck

Published March 2, 2023 by Nan Mykel


The more I think about it the more incredulous I become.

Let’s see….MAGA types are clinging to the imagined White Replacement Theory and as a result want to force female humans to reproduce without end to fill the coffers so our White Civilization will continue to triumph worldwide? They want more fetuses in order to maintain our precious culture, making it a cesspool devoid of liberty in the process?* Sabotage by the back door…

And this is all part of our white civilization, which is worth saving by snipping the liberties of half our own culture in order to preserve it? Defiling Congress, booby-trapping the Statue of Liberty?

*In case you missed it, In 2021 for the first time, the USA’s white population showed a decline–the only racial or ethnic group to do so, by 8.6%. (Time magazine)


Published March 1, 2023 by Nan Mykel


You guessed it, didn’t you—that

I am drawn inside because

I feel the pull of the mysterious,

a curiosity about the edge of

the known, bordered by the

little-known and the unknown-

but-sensed as well as the unsuspected

and the impossible. How utterly deadly

life would be if there were no mystery—

everything cut and dried and shelved.

Do you know about the angler

fish and the flying monk,

or esp at the time of death?

And have you felt the insistent throb

of curiosity at certain quiet moments?

How is it that being in nature soothes,

the effect measurable by scientists?

The life of the invisible “mind” goes on,

experienced or not, or not yet.


Did I start a new conspiracy theory?

Published February 28, 2023 by Nan Mykel

You can tell me. In a recent post I suggested the right’s new insistence on making abortions illegal was due to our failure to replace our whiteness as a country. (“Oh so that’s what it’s all about,” January 2023)

I remembered seeing a reference somewhere–that I didn’t pursue–that one of our leaders had called for “more foetuses.”

Since then I have seen complaints that there is a Conspiracy Against Whites, and then I became aware of earlier political concerns and activities of former Rep. Steve King, a prominent Iowa Republican and a vocal advocate against illegal immigration, who tweeted in 2017 that “We can’t restore our civilization with somebody else’s babies.” (CNN, Theodore Schleifer)

Following the shooting in Buffalo, N.Y., focus has been trained on the “replacement” theory, also known as “white replacement” theory. That’s because a white man, who killed 10 Black people and injured three others, posted a 180-page document online that promulgated racist conspiracy theories often referred to as the “great replacement.”

And he allegedly used the conspiratorial idea that minorities were and would be replacing whites as a reason to justify what he did…The ‘great replacement’ conspiracy theory isn’t fringe anymore, it’s mainstream

I kid you not–it’s in Time magazine this week, by Isabel Wilkerson, author of “Caste: The Origins of Our Discontents.”

In 2021 for the first time, the USA’s white population showed a decline–the only racial or ethnic group to do so, by 8.6%. (Time magazine)

What has the drift resulted in?…The groundswell to outlaw abortions; increased killings and harassment of non-whites, the contrived accusation of “replacement theory,” the forced abortions in refugee quarters [female immigrants in custody] the stranglehold in the public schools on children’s minds about reality, the attack on adult pairings of couples unlikely to produce offspring (LGBT), taking with it the U.S. Supreme Court…

In Georgia, after a woman’s embryo has reached six weeks of gestation, people are allowed to claim them on their tax returns by allowing the state to include fetuses in the state’s population counts. There is a suspicion that red states are trying to swell their numbers so as to have a greater impact in Congress.

“Replacement” theory began in white supremacist circles, but has since moved more mainstream on the political right in this country and among many Republicans, explicitly or implicitly.’

I think mine may not be a conspiracy theory but referring to a Conspiracy, in which Christianity is taking the rap, which apparently Christian Nationalists are all too glad to do.

In fact, it sounds more like old-fashioned psychological projection to me. I’m curious what you think…

We Used to Call It Brotherly Love

Published February 27, 2023 by Nan Mykel

I’m still thinking about that Harper’s issue last month that had experts discussing (among other things) Liberalism versus Democracy. I wanted to discuss and recommend it, but there were too many fancy words in it I didn’t really know, so I thought I’d clarify the words first, with the help of Wikipedia. They all talked about “demos,” and out-of-date-me thought they must mean the Democrats, but it turns out it means the populace, as used in ancient Greece…I’m re-writing a book, so haven’t time to look up so many fancy words, and perhaps you don’t either…i.e., “instantiation,” etc. They’re all experts I tell myself. I may be just as unintelligible while writing something on psychology, but I’m not sure.

I was really fuzzy on a lot of the words: autonomy, telos, dialectical, counter-majoritarian institutions, etc.
I never wondered about the word Liberty, , and was surprised to learn it has a different meaning than democracy. I was glad not to notice the word “freedom,” since it has been so differently used.

I looked up Liberalism and Democracy, and with its use in the Harper’s article the difference is that Liberalism focusses on the humanity of all, being equal as human beings and democracy meaning being ruled by the people, without reference to which people. (Remember that not so long ago women were not allowed to vote in our democracy, and there has been a movement afoot to limit the democratic participation in voting by blacks. Sorry, I don;t have time to think of a better word for blacks). Now that’s the definition I arrived at, in my own words. Argue with me if you know how to comment upon comment.

In the article Francis Fukuyama pointed out that Abe Lincoln, in the Declaration of Independence, chose liberty as a higher principle than even democracy: All men are created equal. He’s saying that “democracy can be trumped by a higher principle–which is this principle of equality.”

And it seems to me that Liberalism is what used to be referred to as brotherly love. More anon

P.S. Late edit: Just came across a good example of something that is not an example of Liberalism: An Alaskan Republican Representative serving in Alaska was censured by the entire house (except for his vote) for trying to find something positive about child abuse that results in death of the child: “In the case where child abuse is fatal, obviously it’s not good for the child. But it’s actually a benefit to society because there aren’t needs for government services and whatnot over the whole course of that child’s life?”
Daily Kos reported this from BBC Feb. 24, 2023

It’s About Time…

Published February 27, 2023 by Nan Mykel

At last some publicity for positive action from Christian groups! Apparently the positive efforts from Christians against Christian Nationalism have gone largely unacknowledged. About his own article by Daily Kos staff writer wesmorgan1, he says:

One of the common arguments found here at Daily Kos is that US liberal/progressive religious believers in general, and US Christians in particular, aren’t “fighting back” against the Religious Right and Christofascists in theological terms.

That’s a false perception, and it’s exacerbated by the lack of media coverage of such actions when they occur. It isn’t just a question of denominational entities like the LCMS; when’s the last time we saw significant media mention of Lutherans for Social Justice, Christians Against Christian Nationalism, Evangelicals for Democracy, the Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice, or any other religious group fighting the good fight? (For that matter, when’s the last time you saw a DK staff writer cover any of these groups in any detail?)

I wrote this article, in part, to illustrate that point. Beyond the linked article by Jack Jenkins of the Religious News Service (who does excellent work in this area — check out his Twitter timeline for examples) and commentary in various Lutheran sources, I can find no mention of this event in any other media outlet of significance. NYTimes? Zippo. WaPo? Bupkis. MSNBC? Nada.

If a tree falls in the forest, but CNN doesn’t issue a BREAKING NEWS alert…you get the picture.

Nan’s Comment: Bravo. See the post he (wesmorgan1) wrote at Daily Kos Feb. 23, 2023:
Lutheran Leader Calls for Excommunication of White Nationalists


Published February 23, 2023 by Nan Mykel

During a recent genealogical search I came across a poem that was posted in the local newspaper:


To The Voters of the Town of Martinsville

Two years ago as you know well
The ticket bore my name
And if you scratched it off or not
I thanked you just the same.
Again I ask for your support
Not that I claim to be
A better man than others are
For all of you know me
But promising to ever stand
For what is just and true
I will simply sign my name
And leave results with you.

Yours to serve,
J.L. Minter, The Shoe Maker (?)

(From Nan: Just thought you’d like a breath of fresh air, smile)


Published February 17, 2023 by Nan Mykel

100 Forever Stamps 2017 U.S. Flag USPS First Class Postage Stamps Coil of 100 PCS/Roll
$29.99 Select options”

Ad · Counterfeit Postage Stamps

Some time ago I did a post about counterfeit U.S. Forever postage stamps and asked readers about them. No response. Now I’m seeing them advertised far and wide, with hints they may originate overseas, as in China.

Huge discounts on postage stamps usually point to scams. Have you noticed how much things have changed in todays super hyped world, with its sophisticated equipment, capabilities for mass production, and access to online platforms and social media?

Real stamps are printed using special ink that fluoresces under UV light at a certain frequency. Special machines detect stamps that don’t glow and reject them.

A collector discovered a new development related to the packaging of a counterfeit coil that might have outed the country of origin for at least one of the fakes. The words “Made in China” in English appear on a sticker affixed to shrink-wrap surrounding a hard plastic cup with a lid containing the coil roll of counterfeits.

US Postal Service Alerts re Counterfeit Stamps Onlinehttps://docusend.biz › blog:
If you are Buying Online Postage Stamps, don’t fall victim to stamp fraud: here’s what happens if you buy bogus stamps. Counterfeit postage is forwarded to the Postal Inspectors for further investigation. The mail piece may also be returned to the sender and held for postage due.

USPS warns you’ll have to look carefully to see whether they’re fake, however.

To confuse things just a little, the Post Office is also selling first class stamps online with “Forever” marked through–at least that’s what it looks like it means

There is also a site called usstampsonline.com, with a USPS2023 label. Someone took the time to insure more than 300 favorable reviews, (somewhat suspiciously). `In addition to sites advertising counterfeit stamps are barefaced sellers clearly identified–Teraw, Artofsmith, etc. An ad on Yahoo I can’t figure out: Ads · Counterfeit Postage Stamps for sale.

Purchasing stamps from a third-party wholesaler or online websites can be unpredictable. You have no way to verify whether they are genuine or not. The Postal Inspection Service recommends purchasing from Approved Postal Providers. Approved vendors can include legitimate “big box” or warehouse retailers who do provide very small discounts on postage stamps, but this is through resale agreements with the Postal Service. How can we know?
What to do? Be certain you’re getting the real thing, purchase your stamps from the U.S. Postal Service at a location near you, or online at http://www.usps.com.
Customers who have questions or wish to report counterfeit stamps should call 1-877-876-2455 or go to http://www.uspis.gov.

If our Post Office really has some cut rate stamps it might be best if they would refrain from stepping into competition with the crooks. We know there are and have been (as under Warren Wilson) questionable behaviors by U.S. postmasters, but it feels like most of our culture is dirty already.


Originally I was fretting that our policing force might attend to fraud against a branch of government instead of so many attacks and murders of our non-white neighbors. Then a reference to overseas origins, if true, made continuance of the fraud a little more understandable. Shouldn’t that be a federal offense anyway? With the possible exception of the January 6 hoodlums, I get tired of seeing special people (as in millionaires) receiving primarily money sentences. Do folks really think they can buy their way into heaven?

A Transgender’s Self Gestalt

Published February 12, 2023 by Nan Mykel

From a work in progress:

Suddenly Jules shivered and reached for a blanket which lay across the foot of the bed. She wrapped it around her shoulders and then. unexpectedly, fell asleep almost immediately, sitting upright. When she awoke half an hour later–warmer but still anxious–she decided to do some Gestalt therapy on herself, a process learned during her early yeas in psychotherapy. She picked up her pen to dialogue with her alter, recording the dialogue for future reflection.
“You can go first.”
Do you remember the person in your group who asked about your pain versus the pain of others in the world?
Oh yeah–she had a point. It’s like I’m in a jungle with all this foliage and trees in front of my eyes and I can’t see beyond where I’m at.
If we should have only one life, how do you want it spent?
I guess that’s what I don’t know. Can you give me some choices?
Do you want to be dragged down by transgender issues, a bottom heavy (excuse the pun) self-focussed quagmire?
Not if you put it that way.
What do you want your life to be in ten years?
Productive. Sane. Comfortable with myself. Respected. Creative. Honest. Caring. Involved. Intelligent. Nurturing. Unafraid. Living with a respected friend or friends.
Respected? What does that mean?
Well, I don’t want others to have a negative influence on me. I don’t want to waste time picking them up all the time when I may be struggling to remain upright.
Would you mind dying as a virgin?
I don’t think so.
Would you mind dying a Mother Theresa?
I wouldn’t go that far.
You’re headed towards journalism.
Yes, I can write to support justice.
Intimacy? Honesty? Does that fit in?
In ten years, I hope so.
How are you going to get there?
One step at a time. Thanks, I think it’s time to get some shut eye.
Are you now productive? (Her alter she wouldn’t shut up)
A little bit. I helped catch the rapist. I’ve gotten a couple of by-lines.
My God, I wonder at times.
Comfortable with yourself?
That’s easy: no.
Half and half, I guess.
Working on it.
Not entirely.
Yes, yes I am.
Not really. I’m too inwardly focussed.
I wonder at times.
I could be more.
No. Don’t ask me why. That girl’s screams rattled…something down deep.
Living with a respected friend or friends?
Yes, I do think so….


Published February 11, 2023 by Nan Mykel

It’s me me me again, but who else could it be? At 87 there’s too much…


I missed being summa cum laude at the UF because of my definition of “existentialism.” I don’t remember my attempt thank goodness, but if you’re ever asked, say something like “Existentialism is the philosophical belief we are each responsible for creating purpose or meaning in our own lives.”


What kind of vehicle did you take your drivers’ test in? I drove the McGee Oil Company truck in Fort Walton Beach, Florida. I passed the first time. They forgot to have me park, luckily…How many times did you have to take yours? And what was your first car? Mine was an old long green Packard, unsurpassed for elegance. Just incidentally, I no longer drive after voluntarily surrendering my license. Sorely missed….I never gave my car a name. Now I think that’s a shame…Who is yours?


As an adolescent in Charlotte, North Carolina, I threw pieces of gravel over the telephone pole with my toes…Maybe they’ll put that on my tombstone…Smile

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