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Reparations? NO!

The idea of paying attention to past wrongs while continuing to cause more and accelerated wrongs at the same time is…wrong. Halting continued and increasing racism is what’s important–not a pretend show that we are truly repentant.

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Current Violence: New Zealand…

Don’t only authors usually autograph their books?  That means… (Observation by Jill Dennison:  Trump’s a plagiarist or he really thinks he is…)                  

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Writing a Poem

I’m writing a poem, waiting for an image to lead me on while eating Greek yogurt…No, can’t do both at the same time. Now I am writing a poem, my eyes closed……………. A snapping turtle. I’m falling asleep. No, I … Continue reading

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Who Is Not Listening? Excerpt from Jill Dennison

See Jill Dennnison’s site today for more moving material!  

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Mate, …We Got Your Back.

Originally posted on Local Heart, Global Soul:
(photograph © Kiwidutch) A cowardly attack by someone armed with an automatic weapon against innocent, unarmed people on their knees in prayer. What chance did these peaceful people have? The perpetrator livestreamed innocent…

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In the Depths of Your Dreams…

Did a plant ever speak to you from the depths of a dream?  (A dog did in mine, once) After you’re good and dead, what do you want? Not that it’ll make any difference…probably.  But really, would you like to … Continue reading

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Scary Things Not Mentioned

It’s frightening how the media seems afraid of scaring the public with mention of climate change–I’ve never heard that word mentioned on internet weather forecasts, and Trump’s threat about his access to rough people, bikers and the military feels equal … Continue reading

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