Scary Things Not Mentioned

Published March 15, 2019 by Nan Mykel

It’s frightening how the media seems afraid of scaring the public with mention of climate change–I’ve never heard that word mentioned on internet weather forecasts, and Trump’s threat about his access to rough people, bikers and the military feels equal to his pulling his mask off; and I see no mention of it this morning on the internet. Are they trying to figure how to respond without frightening the pants off everyone but the rough followers, the bikers and the military?

6 comments on “Scary Things Not Mentioned

  • I agree with you that they do not mention climate change much at all, relative to the size of the problem. Instead, they fixate on such things as celebrities buying their kids’ way into Harvard, or some such. I think these days, the press are walking a fine line, and I don’t envy them, so the major ones, the ones who have been around for a century or so and have a reputation for being honest and accurate, I cut some slack. But, one has to go digging in dark places to find all the news these days.


  • Nan,
    Thank you for mentioning this, I missed the original comment (probably because I live in the Netherlands and we have our fair share of media snippets from all over the world but of course they can not cover everything.
    Sadly it is a fact that the public all around the world are spoon fed whatever information governments and the large corporations behind them want us to hear.
    It’s no co-incidence for instance that extremely controversial or limiting laws are put up for debate when a massive news story is raging, when the public eye is distracted and looking in a different direction.

    We would be naïve to think otherwise and so need to support small, independent media outlets who spend time on in-depth stories that it is important for us to knw about. That too can be difficult, they are hidden under the stacks of entertainment fluff, sensationalistic hype of the large corporate media, like a small add hidden at the back of the Saturday newspaper.

    We owe it to ourselves not to accept the trend of “dumbing down” , the prevalence of “snippet news” where the text says little or nothing.
    I am as guilty as anyone in taking part in this, we lead busy lives, spouses, kids, work, home we are pressured more and more into taking our news as if we had the time and attention span of toddlers.
    I *try* to look for in-depth stories, but if I am honest I could try much harder because I don’t do it nearly often enough. For instance, read things like “The Economist” sometimes, some of their articles are *very* thought provoking. i have taken to looking into the background of historical events to extend my knowledge of past events, How *did* Watergate unfold for instance?

    What work defined Aristotle?, Nicolaus Copernicus?, Billie Holiday?, Johannes Gutenberg?, Charlemagne?,John Locke? What happened in their lives?. I’m not reading dissertations or documents thousands of pages long, just acquainting myself with the bare bones of their lives and how they impacted history.. It broadens your mind more than you think.

    I need to do this more, we all do.. it’s not easy though. Excellent post, very thought provoking!


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