I Still Don’t Understand…

Published April 27, 2023 by Nan Mykel

Why oh why do many feminists hate Transgender MtFs?

Other than probably an unfair advantage in sports?   To get a hint perhaps, is the complaint of a feminist member of TERF  (Trans-Exclusionary  Radical Feminism)  in a recent Court House steps protest in Athens, Ohio. She said she rejects the belief system that humans are able to change sex. She said she embraces “the truth”.

She accused the false narratives of  those  aimed at dismantling rights and protections fought for and won by courageous women of history. “identifying into an existing oppressed group, then demanding the rights and protections that group has fought centuries to secure, is not a civil or even human right. It’s a gross violation of women’s sex-based rights to feel safe in areas devoted to their privacy and safety.”

So, it’s a turf war?

Another protester called “LGBTQ+” a lie. “The acronym excludes lesbians and gay men.”  [What?]  “The world is rapidly waking up to the hateful, oppressive, and violent nature of the lie that men can be women.”

Another protester said that no one is born in the wrong body, that everyone is either female or male. No one changes sex. “…for crying out loud, it should not have to be said that women don’t have penises.  But it does have to be said because there are countless people who want you to believe the stupid and outrageous lie that some women have penises.”

So…are they MAGA?  They also must not know of those humans in the  “Intersex” category.

I must admit that I used to overrate women. For some reason I thought they were much more empathic and encouraging than men, also that men unfairly turned them into sex objects.

Now women have dropped somewhat in my esteem as a result of the women who “weaponize” their sexuality, if that’s the right word–who flaunt and seem to welcome being seen as a sex object.  Also the women of our country who  seem to want to punish and “castrate” women who are sexually active, by tying them to the “mess”  their enjoyment may produce. (For an excuse they seem to vacillate between potentially killing a foetus who would cure cancer versus replenishing our workforce  (not the expanding technical one).   Also to  spoiled elected women  who make a mockery of democracy, and even our own incorporation of what it means to be a female. I am thinking of a new female university president who said she was “excited” by her new position.  I can’t imagine a man admitting to being excited about anything but sex.

Oh well, it’s 1:40 a.m. and I’ve probably said too much.





Have they come to hate men so much?  There’s something afoot and apparently rampant on the network called Terf

2 comments on “I Still Don’t Understand…

    • I guess it resolves around the meaning of “rights.” Since I used to do sex offender treatment in the state prison system I’d say yes, pedophiles should have the same rights as anyone else–the right to the same protections under law, to serve just sentences, to be sentenced instead of genocided. The rights being taken away (such also as the right to control the number of offspring one brings into the world) and “the right to say gay,” and the right to a sex education to protect the young, the right to knowledge, the right to equality under the law, etc., are not to coin a phrase, “right.” In my article I did not refute with facts, which exist if one is willing to see them. I’ve looked into the meanings of different political words and I have settled on being a “liberal,” which is inclusive. I do wonder about how much of the current hooraw is due to Jung’s shadow self, composed of psychological projection. What I “hold onto” is an attempt at honesty, empathy, resisting name-calling and my astoundingly unnoticed blog. Thanks for responding.

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