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As One of You Observed: Yes I do long for a Group

My current posting on facebook: What’s happened to Face Book? Unexplained (to me) Changes  New fiends (Freudian error, I promise) have unexpectedly been added. I’m not agin’ them, I just don’t know them. Yet. Looks like I will soon, tho. … Continue reading

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How Is It That Words Can Comfort?

Most times words miss their mark. They rain down in torrents, oblivious to us and us to them,   not even in our existential language.  We feel bruised  by them, misused,  overcome as though embattled.  How, then,is it even possible … Continue reading

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WORD PLAY Her white hair is wreathed in words. They surround her work space even now, and accompany her at day’s end. She can still feel the thrill that shot through her four-year old body the day she discovered the … Continue reading

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