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Does Pain Stop the Creative Juices?

I’ve noticed that when something hurts physically I go to bed or its equivalence. I’m nowhere near the discomfort or seriousness of some of my followers, but I’ve also sort of shut down.  I’ve realized my only Create Space-published novel … Continue reading

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My third book, Shattered Boundaries, is a story about an incest survivor who falls in love with a homosexual who has AIDS and learns to journey out of her body. While on a journey, she runs into “trouble” and as … Continue reading

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Then I spy Elvis himself–fat, paunchy and wearing sunglasses. The only trace of fame that adheres to him is the white-spangled costume which was his trademark. I wish he was singing a hymn from one of his albums, but then … Continue reading

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Pg. 57-58: “As I survey the masses of beings I realize that I don’t believe any of what I’m seeing. Am I awake or asleep? I look up at the station clock to see if the second hand progresses logically … Continue reading

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