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Randomness, Then a Fantasy

Published September 8, 2021 by Nan Mykel
The Navy now permits sailors to wear earrings, according to the Military News.
The Pentagon announced that no military working dogs were left in Afghanistan when  American troops withdrew from Afghanistan on Aug. 31.
Donald Trump is said to have told 30,573 lies while in office,  (as reported in The Truth About Lies by Aja Raden, St Martin’s Press.)
Aliens, ladies, bitch and dog.
What have these poor words in common?
They have become tainted, that’s what.
Star Wars tarnished aliens.  I
recall my horror when I heard
the word used for migrants.
Ladies — manners cost them strength and
Bitch is not only female, but
also a dog, the most unfair
of them all.  My best friend is not
a dog!  Gracie is a sweetheart,
not a dog!



Churches all over the United States this week  read their Bibles again, especially the part about adultery and false witness, and are embarrassed and apologetic about their gullibility,   although they have not yet owned the fact that their error was not gullibility but a political power play.  At any rate they are being welcomed back from a close call to blasphemy.

Does Pain Stop the Creative Juices?

Published June 10, 2017 by Nan Mykel

I’ve noticed that when something hurts physically I go to bed or its equivalence. I’m nowhere near the discomfort or seriousness of some of my followers, but I’ve also sort of shut down.  I’ve realized my only Create Space-published novel needs re-working but if I live long enough to do that it’ll probably be filled with the gibbery-goo language of extreme old age. I’ve added only on my computer two final chapters and the aborted beginning of a sequel, but…  At present I’ve been attempting the beginning of 2 or 3 additional novels, but it’s pretty much mush pile. Actually  I’ve written 4 different beginnings for one of them. Caught in a quagmire.

I even picked up “How to Write & Sell Your First Novel” by Oscar Collier with Frances Spatz Leighton at a yard sale price of 50 cents, and possibly got an idea that I’m going to try, I think.  It involves preparing a folder for every chapter, and after some degree of outlining, drop thoughts or paragraphs into those chapters as  I go.  So, despite having a bad leg day, I am beginning that mini-project, if I can find the blank folders without necessitating a walk to my car 50 feet away.  (Complain, complain, complain!) What were the words Jim Neighbors used to use?

I will share my favorite paragraphs from my first novel–I’ve never communicated with anyone who has actually read the book, Shattered Boundaries.  (I am in a position to advise you not to self-publish if you aren’t the pushy type):  At this point in the novel the heroine has astral-traveled and stayed away from her body way beyond the safe limits:

…to her horror she notices that the cord has run out! When Amber reaches the house no one is home. She eases into her room and she is not there–here–either! My body is gone!  Amber jumps when the phone rings.  She realizes that she cannot answer it, but Rob’s voice on the answering machine does.  It is a woman enquiring abut the time of the funeral.

        Funeral! Who died?


Published January 17, 2016 by Nan Mykel

My third book, Shattered Boundaries, is a story about an incest survivor who falls in love with a homosexual who has AIDS and learns to journey out of her body. While on a journey, she runs into “trouble” and as a result stays away from her body too long. When she returns it is to her own funeral.  I have been surprised how few people have heard of OOBES, and was glad this week to read The ESP Enigma: The scientific case for psychic phenomenon,”  by Diane Hennacy Powell, M.D. Chapter 7 is titled “Was She Out of Her Mind, or Just Out of Her Body?”dreams test for google

I am toying with writing a sequence to my book, involving those characters in addition to a TULPA, but probably even fewer folks know what tulpas are. (Available on Amazon via Create Space}.


Published November 25, 2015 by Nan Mykel

imagesThen I spy Elvis himself–fat, paunchy and wearing sunglasses. The only trace of fame that adheres to him is the white-spangled costume which was his trademark. I wish he was singing a hymn from one of his albums, but then I realize that there is not much interaction between those who wait.  He is not in an aisle seat , but I lean over and address . “Mr. Presley?” He looks up nervously, as though he expects an autograph hound, then nods.

“You’re headed for a different life and different lessons. Before you’re all gone would you be kind enough to give us the gift of your ‘Amazing Grace’?”

Elvis blinks, obviously surprised, and then looks all around him as though to assess his potential audience. Apparently satisfied, he stands and faces the main portion of the crowd. His voice is richly beautiful as he sings all seven verses of  “Amazing Grace,” as only he can. He sits down when finished and instead of wild applause there a total, respectful and moved silence, punctuated by quiet sobs.

c.Nan Mykel  2015

available at


Published October 2, 2015 by Nan Mykel

dreams test for googlePg. 57-58:

“As I survey the masses of beings I realize that I don’t believe any of what I’m seeing. Am I awake or asleep? I look up at the station clock to see if the second hand progresses logically around the face of the clock or not. It does. This is not a lucid dream.

“If I don’t believe in ghosts, goblins and guides, why am I seeing them? Am I walking or floating?  It’s like the thought-voice blend…. The accident must have damaged my brain so that I now hallucinate. Obviously. If I’m not really here, then where am I? Did I just imagine my funeral;? How can I re-enter reality?

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