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Carl Jung’s Diagnosis from a Dream

Published July 20, 2016 by Nan Mykel

In 1933, Carl Jung was asked by a physician to interpret the dream of a patient, without any information about him other than the following dream:

Someone beside me kept asking me something about oiling some machinery. Milk was  suggested as the best lubricant. Apparently I thought that oozy slime was preferable. Then, a pond was drained and amid the slime there were two extinct animals. One was a minute mastodon. I forget what the other one was.

Jung correctly diagnosed this patient as having an organic problem–a blockage of of the cerebro-spinal fluid, probably due to a tumor. Although few of us would recognize the source of the dreamer’s physical problem, everyone is capable of observing the dream image of a malfunctioning machine in need of lubrication.  (Reference to follow when I re-access it).



Published July 17, 2016 by Nan Mykel

fractal-136113_1280 design in passionate colors, Pixabay, Public Domain

Years ago I belonged to the French Art Colony in Gallipolis, Ohio.  We had a one-sentence prompt for our next meeting.  On my way to work every day I drove by signs that made unfavorable statements about a resident.  I wrote my poem about him and posted it on my very first blog. Soon my son told me a female had found him on the internet and she wanted to talk to me, would he give her my address?

Turns out she was related to the man in the signs, and he was dead now. She just wanted me to know that he had a good, kind, loving side to him.  She also said she travels the same route to and from work as I do.  All of which seemed pretty serendipitious.  The “prompt,” by the way, was “Such  are our braided lives.”


Frack Off! – dVerse Poetics – Re-blog

Published July 15, 2016 by Nan Mykel

Frack Off! – dVerse Poetics
– Frack Off! –

What the frack are you all doing,

stomping through our field?

Shaking up the ground boys,

to extract what shale will yield.

But can’t you see we’re ripening,

until we’ve reached our best?

Sorry guys, the future’s ours,

there is no time to rest.

You’ve got to wait, the season’s here,

the farmer needs his crop.

Shut your mouth, behave yourselves!

There’s no way we will stop.

Pumpkins, squash and turnips too,

for decades we’ve grown here.

Times they change, that’s how it is,

the law is very clear.

Power and might are on your side,

for now at least, it’s true.

But Mother Nature will fight back,

and first, she’ll come for you.

You’re going too far, you’ve lost the plot –

money has turned your head.

Filthy lucre’s not all that.





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Freya Writes...

Please excuse the poor formatting and whatnot – I am posting this using my phone, so goodness knows what it will look like! Suffice to say that this week’s dVerse Poetics prompt was too good to miss. The issue about which I feel strongly was also very close to my dad’s heart, and since I have spent a strangely enjoyable evening talking about him, it feels like the right thing to do. I don’t have my laptop with me (I am away from home), hence the phone post.

I hope you enjoy this – it was written very quickly, but the pumpkins were calling! I will come back and comment on others’ poems and tidy this up, next week.

– Frack Off! –

What the frack are you all doing,

stomping through our field?

Shaking up the ground boys,

to extract what shale will yield.


But can’t you see…

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To My Best Friend on the Right — Excerpt from

Published July 14, 2016 by Nan Mykel

Excerpt from
To My Best Friend on the Right

We met over 40 years ago when I was still in my teens.

You are my oldest friend and the friend I love most.

You invited me into your family.

You ushered me into adulthood.047

You cared for me when I was at my worst; when doctors dismissed
me as malingering; you knew my pain was real.

Over the years we grew and changed but we never lost each other
and I never lost my love for our friendship.

When I tested that friendship with my addiction you went silent
but you didn’t go away.

You forgave me when I was ready to admit that I was ashamed, and
wrong and sorry.

I didn’t lose you but over the years we changed and spoke less often and
slowly drifted apart until we met again on Facebook.
And now I am baffled.

How do I reconcile the friend who …. ( visit site for more )

Rob Goldstein 2016

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Robert Matthew

Rob’s post really grabbed me, as others of his do. Check his blog out…

Healing Voices Invitation — from Hearing Voices

Published July 14, 2016 by Nan Mykel

“Comment on World Hearing Voices Day ‘Healing Voices’ Screenings: An invitation” “”>Share your views

We’ve been contacted by the producers of ‘Healing Voices‘, a documentary that explores experiences commonly labelled as ‘psychosis’ and ‘mental illness’ through the real-life stories of individuals working to overcome […]” rel=”tag”>World Hearing Voices Day

World Hearing Voices Day – 14 September

2016 has been a difficult year so far, with many violent actions fuelled by intolerance, hatred and fear. We stand alongside those who have been victimised, hurt, abused, neglected or left feeling […]

BO PEEP IS HIDING – 100 word fiction

Published July 13, 2016 by Nan Mykel




Bo Peep is hiding under her bed.

She thought she’d turn things on its head.

Why should she have to run after her sheep

When all they do is bleat and sleep?

If they cared about her they’d come looking

to see what strange thing was cooking.

In order to help things move along,

She quietly sang  a little song.

“Hidey hidey yo ho!

Come peep to find yo Bo!”

At first the ploy didn’t work.

She just lay there, her face a smirk.

Then to the rescue came a nose,

poked under the bed where she snoze.



Published July 12, 2016 by Nan Mykel

american scholarI’m having difficulty deciding whether events are one or the other. Perhaps both? Today I experienced what I would judge to be a minor S or S. I’ll tell you about it. I was at a friend’s house last night just engaged in a kindly bit of gossiping, I guess you could call it. I was trying to remember the name of a man who had visited our poetry group once and invited us to another regular poetry reading venue in town.  I told her his name would probably come to me on the way home, bu it didn’t. Although I am not a member of Phi Beta Kappa, I was reading “The American Scholar” tonight –it had been in a free bin or something–and the article on the last page brought Will Dewess’ name to mind. The article’s author was William  Deresiewicz.  Wait–don’t go away, there’s more.  Another name I couldn’t think of was very frustrating. I could remember the book he wrote (The Birth of Consciousness in the Bi-Cameral Mind), but not his name. Again, that was during my visit last night, and tonight while reading the same issue of  “The American Scholar,” I came across a discusson of his book and his name–Julian Jaynes.  Now that isn’t a great example of S and S, but I’m going to start noticing them and sharing them.  The journal was a real gold mine, since it also contained some interesting info for another post on the Our Shadow Selves page. (See next posting)

VOICES IN OUR HEAD (re-titled)

Published July 12, 2016 by Nan Mykel

As I said earlier, I am NOT a member of Phi Beta Kappa, but somehow was reading a copy of their journal “The American Scholar”  (Summer 2012) in bed tonight and on page  48 came across a very apropos article called Living with Voices.  It’s so good I found it  for you at so you can read the whole thing.  You don’t have to subscribe or sign up–just click on the name of the article under Summer 2012,Living with Voices.
There’s a lot there to interest you, but what I glommed in on was how to deal with voices in your head, especially aggressive (the Shadow?) ones.  And the author (T. M. Luhrmann) never used the word at all.

My Problem with Blogging

Published July 12, 2016 by Nan Mykel

I’m becoming aware that one of my problems with blogging–theoretically/psychologically at least–is that I can’t hit a middle ground.  Most other posters are positive or if not are mildly sad/reflective.  Others seem so bitter/poor me-ish that they seem to be avoided. Only a couple, maybe, are by those strong enough to be both crushed and cemented back together, and sterlingly honest.

It seems most of my life I’ve been trying to protect others from me. I don’t want to grovel and I don’t want to influence others to either grovel or feel revulsion/pity or worse for me, or them.  How can I share that part while blogging?   I could try and conduct a collage no-words venue but it’s tough to do a collage without the fear of some copyright infringement.  One of the attractions of       Screen Shot 2016-02-12 at 12.13.03 PMblogging is the connection-with-others’ part, and to do a blog anonymously and let it all hang out does not seem a solution–I still might bring some others down to my level of craziness. .  I know, therapy, but for me only a group would work and I don’t find too many kindred souls in this neck of the woods.

Does anyone else feel any pressure to seem a little more up-beat than they really are, for the sake of others?  Dverse is fun and everyone praises your work, but…I bet I could construct the worst verse possible and get stroked for it.  Maybe it’s not blogging but only life  that’s that  way.  Maybe it’s just folks going through a temporary depression that feel that way.

At any rate, this post just expresses  a problem for me, no solutions, and maybe it’s just a passing problem. If anyone else has something to offer, please do so.  And by the way, I’m not looking for a cure just a way to be obnoxiously groveling and tearful, while biting any hand that reaches out to comfort.  It sounds like a Shadow set-up to me, but that’s me!

A Synchronicity (The Timing Was Perfect)

Published July 10, 2016 by Nan Mykel

My youngest daughter was born in 1971, with Down’s Syndrome and the congenital fatal heart malformaton common to Down’s children. My pediatrcian told me there was no cure for it, and over the first few years she would grow steadily weaker until she ultimately died.  We were living in Atlanta, Georgia at the time and I felt the need for a small, protective living environment for myself and my total of 4 children.  I had heard of Celo, a small planned Quaker community in the mountains of North Carolina,  and called ahead to check out the possible availability of a rental


086cabin there.  There was one cabin available, and  I was given the landlord’s phone number.  The year was 1976.

I called and described my situation and it turns out the landlord was a physician who inquired about the

nature of my daughter’s heart defect.  He told me that surgery was now available for the defect, and as it turned out she subsequently underwent  and survived reparative heart surgery at Eggleston Children’s Hospital at Emory University, about three blocks from our home in Atlanta.

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