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Kinda Preachy?

While continuing my discard trip through ages of hoarding the written word, I’m about to discard the following, but cheating and saving it here: The majority of people are born with one head, two arms and two legs. They have … Continue reading

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I’m finally trying to get the hang of blogging via WordPress’ tutelage, and one of the questions I need to address is who I am writing for [and about what].  That’s an especially tough question for me, because my interests … Continue reading

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I Am Part Serpent

DID YOU KNOW? Please don’t think less of me, because it happened long ago, before I knew that serpents were inhuman. Rest assured that I will always keep my distance  from you and you will not be hurt by me.  

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Herman…observes that “the profound sense of inner badness becomes the core around which the abused child’s  identity is formed.” (1992, 105).  Blume refers to the child’s sense of being “soiled and spoiled.” (1990, 244). “The notion that a truly evil … Continue reading

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