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Who Is Not Listening? Excerpt from Jill Dennison

See Jill Dennnison’s site today for more moving material!  

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Mate, …We Got Your Back.

Originally posted on Local Heart, Global Soul:
(photograph © Kiwidutch) A cowardly attack by someone armed with an automatic weapon against innocent, unarmed people on their knees in prayer. What chance did these peaceful people have? The perpetrator livestreamed innocent…

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In the Depths of Your Dreams…

Did a plant ever speak to you from the depths of a dream?  (A dog did in mine, once) After you’re good and dead, what do you want? Not that it’ll make any difference…probably.  But really, would you like to … Continue reading

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“Morality Isn’t Necessary in a President?”

What was all that business about Trump signing Bibles, anyway? If I was a Christian I’d be apoplectic.

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Metaphorically Speaking…

Recently I quoted someone to the effect that if you didn’t have a language how could you think.  I’ll write more about that some day, but for now my head is being flooded with thoughts–maybe a manic episode.  So many … Continue reading

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Five Practical Ways to Support a Grieving Parent

Originally posted on thelifeididntchoose:
It’s oh, so hard to know what to do when you are watching a heart break. You want to reach out and make it better, make the pain go away, make a difference.  But it seems…

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Lionhearted – For 99 words on mice

Lionhearted By Nan Mykel I smell a cat in the house.  That means my time on earth is limited. Hmmn. What can I contribute to the world during my shortened lifespan? I know!  The stepfather who sneaks into his stepson’s room … Continue reading

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