Me and My Shadow for d’Verse

Published May 4, 2017 by Nan Mykel

Watch Out! My Shadow’s on the loose

with beaked visage, dressed in puce.

He’s up to no good, I can tell

trailing his embers straight from hell.


Rude, uncouth, he throws a fit,

replacing niceness with a snit.

He gets like that from time to time,

just when my life is too sublime.


They say that I should chat with him–

admit he springs from my own whim.

But what if he enlists me too

and I become a scary shrew?


What’s worse they say that he’s a she–

“if I’m a she then he’s like me!”

No way! I know that it’s a him.

Thinking female would be too grim.


I never thought that this offender

would ever be a transgender!

Oh heck, I’ll claim him for my own,

despite bad seeds that it has sown.


If he is me then I can stay

his acting out this very day!

I’ll say not he or she but we

and end this Shadow fricasee.




29 comments on “Me and My Shadow for d’Verse

      • Excellent, Nan. For many, especially those who don’t gestalt….LOL! Rollo May is not their cookie. However, at a very important time in my life….battling narcissists in my family, and almost giving up to life….I found him and read him….this book is excellent for creativity and all the obstacles , in human behavior and also social fads and issues….and just breaks through the muck. After reading this book, I went on to publish 3 more books, and felt empowered by what I had learned…that courage is deep inside regardless the abuse outside. We tap into that courage at the rawest times if we can understand that our creativity is there to always save us. Powerful lessons from Rollo May. His other book I have…much thicker, “Love and Will” I have just started…..that is another heavy tome.

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  • I have a shadow too and I guess I’ve made him ‘male’ although know he is me. He takes care of the bad parts of me, the bit of me with still a toe dipping in the primordial soup. I think he exists in all of us and reminds us of who we were and still are, although the latter to a small degree (I hope).
    Anna :o]


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