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I look in the mirror and see a strangely content woman losing her femininity to the neutering of old age.  I’m not sure why I cover the gray. Perhaps I want to be seen as someone still to be reckoned … Continue reading

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I would like everyone to be safe, but sometimes survivors who have been abused need to be especially cautious, because of a tendency to expect abuse and not watch out for it.  This may be especially true for incest survivors. … Continue reading

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Wise Words of Roland C. Summit

From”Hidden Victims, Hidden Pain: Societal Avoidance of Child Sexual Abuse,” in Lasting Effects of  Child Sexual Abuse,” p. 57,  Gail Wyatt and Gloria Powell eds. There is a sad, self-preserving irony about a world that cannot see its own cruelty filled … Continue reading

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What About Us? Abuse Histories in the Making

I belong to a talkative brown bag lunch group, and last week someone started talking about child sexual abuse, whereupon another put her hands over her ears so as not to hear.  When I wrote my book on incest, the … Continue reading

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PREFACE — I was 65 when struck by the idea of writing this book. If I fail to write it now, at 68, the book will never happen. I will have lost the chance to say some things which I … Continue reading

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Jeffrey Sandusky, the son of convicted sex abuser and former Penn State assistant football coach Jerry Sandusky, has been arrested on felony and misdemeanor child sexual abuse charges, according to court documents from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. The younger Sandusky, … Continue reading

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ONE PARAGRAPH PER CHAPTER – Chapter 9: The Trauma Bond

From FALLOUT: A Survivor Talks to Incest Offenders (and Others) by moi: If you, the reader, are a survivor, I invite you to reflect as you read this book, whether or not you are journaling. If you were abused, take a … Continue reading

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