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Journal Entry While in Therapy

4-17-1982 –  I don’t like myself for not liking myself.  In therapy I feel very exposed and vulnerable and got an image of myself as a mess of seaweed dashed against the rocks and left exposed to the birds to … Continue reading

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“A pen in one hand is better than two in the bush.” IF YOU’RE JUST STARTING OUT… 1. Maintain all your journaling In ONE PLACE 2.Make that journal SPECIAL by decorating or otherwise EMBELLISHING IT. WHY DO I SAY THAT? … Continue reading

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Journaling for Survivors

John Briere (1989) has recognized the healing value of journaling, referring to it as “being her own therapist,” encouraging creativity, and strengthening self-control by analyzing her internal processes.” He was speaking about the recovery of those who were sexually abused … Continue reading

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Kafka’s Journal

According to Susan Cain (Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking, 86),  Kafka wrote that  “writing means revealing oneself to excess, that utmost of self-revelation and surrender, in which a human being , when involved … Continue reading

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