An Interesting Earlier Exchange by Keith and Reader

Published November 23, 2022 by Nan Mykel
  • Six times as many people died last year because their doctor screwed up while they were in the hospital than died of gun shot wounds… and that includes suicides. Nobody knows how many people died because they took medication that was prescribed for them. I think it’s time to give this gun baloney a rest.

    Americans are, and always have been, a violent and bloodthirsty bunch. NOBODY is taking any guns away. On occasion a crazy person, or, a really pissed off person is going to get their hands on a gun and blood will flow. Deal with it, or, move to a country not quite so bloodthirsty. You simply cannot expect to send hundreds of thousands of our young people [excuse me… “Heros”] out to kill “foreigners” who stand in the way of American corporate profits AND turn us at home all into unarmed pansies who calmly discuss their differences over tea and cookies. Culture don’t work that way.

    Half the people in this country have nothing left to hold on to than their guns BTG… and it is going to get worse. You have to quit worrying about getting shot. Turn the damn channel. There is too much fun to still be had before the lights go out to be wasting time worrying about nonsense that you can’t change. Nobody gets out alive and you gotta reap what ya sew… and so on and so forth.

    Nice read though
    Mrs. N.

    • Mrs. N, you always provide interesting comments. We need to fix the medical problems, too. That is an issue of its own which I have attempted to speak to in other posts. On your other points, I again would prefer not to generalize about how “we” are. Most of the people I know are not like what you describe. The ones that get the press are the ones who tend to be on the extreme side. Most gun owners do not belong to the NRA, so the NRA view could be called extreme. I think we will need to say we disagree on many of your/my points, which is both of our rights, and yes no one gets killed because we do disagree. I am not worried about getting shot, as I will die some way. I worry when kids get shot needlessly, though. As always, I appreciate your remarks. Never hesitate to offer your thoughts. All the best, BTG

      NAN asks what’s BTG? Big Tough Guy?  Bring Together?

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