Published November 23, 2022 by Nan Mykel

So many things today blow my mind.  God made man in his own image, but who made the magic emerald jewel wasp (who can turn a cockroach into an obedient zombie that will host her larvae and serve as dinner?)  I believe it’s not curiosity that killed the cat, but that adds years to the questioning aged.

Since many of us have given up on the Why question, attention is drawn even more to the How:

First, the wasp plunges its stinger into the cockroach’s midsection to briefly paralyze the legs. Next comes a more delicate operation: stinging the head to deliver a dose of venrmin to specific nerve cells in the brain, which gives the wasp control over where its victim goes. But how does a wasp know when it’s reached the brain?  The stinger’s tip is a sensory probe.

In experiments using brainless cockroaches, a wasp will sting the head over and over again, searching fruitlessly for its desired target.

It’s enough to make me wonder, but then I’m always curious.



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