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IF If the circle can be believed, we are one with all, together, safe and contained. If the mandala mirrors truth, we rise and fall within our connected minds. If we believe the spiral, we know that we return again … Continue reading

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  Alternet Headlines ( reports that  but as election law expert Rick Hasen told the Washington Post, even if there’s no coordinated intimidation, one of the things this rhetoric can do is “get rogue people riled up. Trump sets the fuse and … Continue reading

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I’m Back

Back after several days with a computer whose keyboard wouldn’t write on the monitor.  I’m creeping along trying to sort my hoard. In case  you don’t believe me, here’s a few horrid lines that I’m not going to save: DINNER … Continue reading

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Old Soldier – for D’Verse

He knew he was crotchety. He’d forgotten how to love. His cane held him upright and allowed him to kick at stones along the winding path home. He wanted for nothing but stones to kick and maybe a bone to … Continue reading

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DREAM 10-19-2016 ***

For the first time ever I dreamed I expressed myself furiously at my mother, saying she hated me and later in the dream I said that maybe it was because of the incest, to which she did not reply.  There … Continue reading

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If You Own a Dog, Here is a Helpful Bit of Advice — a re-blog

Originally posted on Diane Ravitch's blog:
This is off-topic. It is for dog owners only. ? Those who have read this blog for a long while know that I have a dog and a cat, and I take very…

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Posting Vacation

I cannot figure out the directions on Word Press to changing my credit card number so I’ll be waiting for my assistant to return and go through the maze for me,   Nan

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