If You Own a Dog, Here is a Helpful Bit of Advice — a re-blog

Very valuable post, as all yours are!

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This is off-topic. It is for dog owners only.

Those who have read this blog for a long while know that I have a dog and a cat, and I take very good care of them.

Ever since I got my big mutt named Mitzi, she has had a tendency towards diarrhea. As a puppy, she had giardia, which is a fancy way to say that her intestines are prone to diarrhea.

For a year or so, I took her to the vet and almost always got a prescription for a pill called metronidazole. That always works for her.

Then the woman who boards her when I travel told me a secret. Metronidazole is sold over the counter and online as Fish Zole. It is used to cure bacteria in fish (i.e., the kind in aquariums). I have since ordered it online, saving huge amounts of money in vet bills…

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