Published September 25, 2022 by Nan Mykel

A male candidate for Michigan’s 3rd Congressional District once said the US suffered from women’s suffrage and praised an organization trying to repeal the 19th Amendment.  Of course he denies that is his current belief, but you might guess which side of the great divide he is still on.  But we can still vote, so let’s do it!!

A friend recently said that he formerly had some hope that women would get more active and improve the political scene, but that since some of them have been so frequently quoted in the news he had lost hope they would save democracy.  (I earlier promised I would not say their names so as not to increase their fame.) I looked up the stats and it was difficult to quickly understand the results of women voters pro and con Biden.  (Again, ignoring the “T” word.)

We women sure aren’t perfect. In fact, a goodly portion of us have feet of clay (remember all the swooners over Frank Sinatra?)  And there was the woman who, when asked what the last administration had done for her, said, “I don’t know but every time I look at Him I feel warm all over.”

It was in Atlanta during the earlier days of NOW when I attended a large meeting of a re-invigorated women’s movement, possibly of NOW or some similar new  organizational movement.  I had envisioned we would witness a good mutually supportive presentation. After all, aren’t we the warm, caring empathic sex?  But the first two presenters  made what I considered snide, competitive remarks about each other.  I’d forgotten that many of us are easily swayed and have been “trying to be men,”  both at the workplace and “socially.”  A woman may fight for orgasms in print, but then lose herself in the presence of masculinity.  I have also read that many feminists resent transgender women.  Do I sound disillusioned?  I know myself, and how nonassertive I’ve been all my life, but …..

At least a number of women melt around men and surrender their common sense.  Remember all the talk about “dumb blondes?”  I’m sure I’ll regret this post, but the number of vocal women willing to discount the lives of other women  via the abortion issue is truly disheartening.  Have a heart, women!  Have a heart! How could we put the very life of a woman at risk for the uncertain appearance of a possible person, even when it’s  fathered by forcible rape and even if it puts her own life on the line?

It appears that a majority of the MAGA women are racists, and can intellectually ignore the fact that more people of color have abortions than others.  Do they realize that the possible foetus may be a person of color? The vision of a new generation  of children whose mothers didn’t want them gives me chills. i heard one elected woman say the foetus should be allowed to grow up and “maybe cure cancer.”  Surely that’s a “dumb blonde” statement?  Because we’re not strong physically doesn’t mean we have to buy into  being weak-kneed intellectually.

Perhaps we women could profit from meditating regularly on our breath and the light?  What glory an army of potentialized women could do for O Beautiful, For Spacious Skies?

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