What to do in absence of help in mental health (excerpt)


….So the choice is, accept help that is not going to work, or try it yourself.

Neither of this is really working. I have not a myself that is able to live on its own. It’s confusing life, based on mental health problems.

It is not, never your fault. Not your diagnoses’ fault. Having mental health problems is as if  you are trapped  in a deep well. Somewhere deep down you ask, you cry for help. You hope, someone up there would hear it. Down there you try to survive on your own. You try to see in the dark. You think about escaping the the deep well. You can even count the way up. You can calculate the time necessary to get out. But you do not have the rope, the ladder to get out. You would be able to climb all the way up, if they just let the ladder down….

So the key word is hope. Hope, that your life will ever change.

Because, every one with a mental health problem wants to get out. Nobody with mental health problems ever asked for this. But so often you are treated as if you decided one boring day to start a mental health problem….


About Nan Mykel

At 79, I was just about to stop keeping a journal, but that felt like accepting that growth was finished. I don't want to be finished, yet! I'm 80 now, and struggling to communicate with you, if you'll come and set awhile. P.S. My how time flies! I'm 82 now.
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