Stuck with a Pinched Nerve…

Published January 8, 2017 by Nan Mykel

so I have a little time for the blog.  Let me introduce you to my pages:

RELIEF-REFRESHING is the most enjoyable.

 I like SECRETS,  but it needs updating. It’s a list of amazing things I did not know.

JOURNAL YOURSELF INTO  BEING  is written in hopes of introducing folks to the creative potential of keeping a journal over time, to include doodles, poetry,  quotes from books,  [noting author and page numbers makes later use  much easier] , dreams, images, thoughts and whatever else emerges from your pen.  The last half (approximately) of my book on incest is from my own journal. And sometimes I’m depressed, wih a sense of humor.

DREAM ON  was started not only to share some concepts from dream experts, but to include some dreams. Unfortunately, bloggers who follow me don’t seem to be into sharing their dreams. I can still hope and one day soon will post something on puns in dreams.

 SERENDIPITY AND SYNCHRONICITY is a place to share spooky coincidences. I’m trying so hard to record them, but they sift through my fingers usually.  I’d welcome others sharing.

 LIFE ISSUES is one of my favorites, because I have given myself permission to include any life issue here.

OUR SHADOW SELVES deals with trying to figure out what our dark side (usually Jungian) is all about. Still haven’t resolved that touchy question.  Join in the discussion under Comments!

Please share your own experiences here...

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