About My Books

I have authored three books. In 2014 I published FALLOUT: A Survivor Talks to Incest Offenders (And Others), a memoir with bibliographical references. My second book, TIME WRINKLES, was published in July of 2015. My third book, SHATTERED BOUNDARIES, was published in September of 2015.

You can buy FALLOUT at Amazon.com

You can buy FALLOUT at Amazon.com

FALLOUT's back cover

FALLOUT’s back cover

Here I am on our local Access TV program, Kaleidascope, sharing FALLOUT's release.

Here I am on our local Access TV program, Kaleidoscope, sharing FALLOUT’s release.

Wrinkles front cover


     Turtle Crossing the Road

Turtle, do you know that you cause

someone like me to cringe and pause

in my journey to work or play

on a formerly happy day?

in my mirror I cannot spot

if you made it or did you not.

Do you really care if you should meet

your end of days while in the street?

Of course he does, I  scold myself,

chastened by my timid stealth.

Turn around and go back, I tout,

and help the little feller out.

But no, I go and never know.

Why should I worry myself so?

Down deep I see that he is me,

both risking death if we are free.


                                THE FANTASY NOVEL:

                                  SHATTERED BOUNDARIES

She floated out the window…

Reality reasserts itself as an adventurous young woman accidentally tests the limits and find herself a world away from the man she loves.

Should she wait for another incarnation to re-connect with him or attempt the unthinkable? If she follows her heart, what will that do to the chaos she has already made of her life?






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