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Recommended Dissociative Blog

I’d like to make u aware of a blog that apparently won’t permit re-blogging or coming to you in the Reader. My e-mail is usually running over and I miss quite  a few posts (all of them on the social … Continue reading

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Do You Meet These Criteria?

Back when I was researching my book I was surprised to learn that the definition of dissociation stretches all the way from “spacing out,” “reduced responsiveness,” “de-realization,” “de-personalization,” “disengagement,” “lost time” and “out-of-the-body-experiences”, all the way to what used to be … Continue reading

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An Apology: Dissociation?

Many years ago (as in 20) I was in a “dream group” with one other person, who would stop by my house to discuss our dreams.  For some external reason it was to be our last session. I felt on … Continue reading

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The Truth Shall Set You Free?

I apologize.  I failed to include one truth from my book Fallout: A Survivor Talks to Incest Offenders and Others. I was afraid one piece of truth I came across might be destructive to victims of severe sexual abuse in childhood, and … Continue reading

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