Who Are You? Who Am I?

Published September 13, 2017 by Nan Mykel

Me:  If you were asked to differentiate me from others, how would you respond?

You:  Are you fishing for compliments?   Me:  Far from it. Come on, what would you say?

You:  Depends who I was talking to.

Me: You’re beating around the bush.

You: Let’s turn it around.  I’ll ask you the same question.

Me: Well, an old woman.

You: Is that all? There’s lots of those.

Me:  How about something that’s lovable?

You: Oh. Uh, you are kind to animals except those you eat.

Me: And…?

You: You try to be creative.

Me: Is that lovable?

You: Why do you want to be seen as lovable?

Me: So that people look at me with warmth.

You: You mean so that people will like you?

Me: That sounds like I’m needy and insecure, doesn’t it?

You: I’m glad you said it and not me.


   Image:   p://pichttkettsinpoland.blogspot.com



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