Shadow Dialogue

Published October 1, 2016 by Nan Mykel


I keep trying to get organized, and in the process come across material I’ve forgotten about.  Here’s one. Now I can throw that piece of paper away!

Nan: I am Nan. Shadow, are you there?

Shadow: Right here, baby.

Nan: What name do you go by?

Shadow: I am known by many names.

Nan: What shall I call you?

Shadow: Mom.

Nan: You’re not my mother!

Shadow: No, I said “Mum.”  You can call me “Yes, Mum!”

Nan: You quit pushing me around!  I won’t yes Mum or no Mum you! Perhaps I’ll name you!

Shadow: You presume?

Nan: Damn tootin’. I’ll call you–

Shadow: Matilda.

Nan: Oh, all right. Matilda.  Waltzing Matilda?

Shadow: Hardly.

Nan: We’re supposed to be talking about robbing and getting robbed.

Shadow: Yeah, right, big time Nan the gun moll. Who ya been robbing lately, baby?

Nan: You’re rude, crude, and thoroughly unattractive. I thought you were haughty and condescending and filthy rich.

Shadow: Thanks, and I am, Po’ mouth!

Nan: You robbed me!

Shadow: Moi?

Nan: You took away my meanness, my lay-it-on-the-lineness, my sraightness.

Shadow: Moi?

Nan: Damn tootin’.

Shadow: You’re sounding a little vulgar yourself.  By the bye, baby, who did YOU rob?

Nan: Uh…

Shadow: Come on, come on, we haven’t got all day. The teacher is going to blow the whistle in a minute.

Nan: Yeah, she’s asked two more questions and…

Shadow: Slow poke. Honestly, you dirty misfit. Black sheep of the family!

Nan: I’M the nice one. YOU’RE the bad one!

Shadow: I’m bored with you.

Nan: Who did I rob? I robbed myself, and gave myself away.

Shadow: Rattle rattle, hear my chains.

Nan: MY chains.

Shadow:  Our chains. But you are dirty, a sissy, boring, teacher’s pet, dull, a non-entity: A crumb. Crumby!

Nan: You hush. I’m going to devour you!

Shadow: Now you’re talking like me!

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