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I used to think I would be a child prodigy, but then I got old. Formerly I had fantasies of rubbing elbows with cultural and academic leaders but that did not come to pass because I did not become a cultural or academic leader or any other kind of leader, for that matter. I am not even an "Alpha Dog," a term learned from a friend who had to become "Alpha Dog" in order to influence her own pet. (When gazes lock, she never looks away.) For years I expected to become a published author, but in passing I could not avoid the fact that I had little to contribute to the world's bulging dumpsters. I'm embarrassed to report that I also considered my primary process artistic productions powerful, rather than mildly neurotic. Which is not to say that I disrespect myself, only that I am beginning to doubt my potential for making a mark on the world. If I focus on strict self discipline I may be able to keep my garbage removed on a weekly basis, to keep the kitty box changed, the clothes cleaned, the dog watered, fed and walked, but that just catches me up to the starting mark again. When writing I physically grapple with words, wrestling them from their indifference into attempted chunks of awareness. I sit heavily on my chair; I breathe in artificially cooled air; my ear drums note the tap tap of the keyboard and the steady uninterrupted sound of the air conditioner, What is that sound? The roar of the ocean from 30 yards away...Inside, my thoughts are are balls in an electronic game machine, bouncing hither and yon from lever to lever. I am a little grim and intent until I recall a dream related by a black man in the prison where I once worked. He said that when he was a small boy, back home, he dreamed he was standing on his front porch pissing, and that he suddenly found himself pissing stars...


Lost my site…..Nan

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Originally posted on lifelessons – a blog by Judy Dykstra-Brown:
Sixteen She met him at the harvest dance. An act of fate, they met by chance. The very first grown man she kissed, he was a traveling journalist, and she…

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What’s the Name for..,.

What do you call a reblog of a reblog?  There must be a name for it!  This post refers you to Diane Ravitch’s blog which reblogs (or reprints or refers you to) a highly interesting history of the “Spanish Flu” … Continue reading

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Why No Demands for Resignation? Partial Reblog

Words from Ralph Nader/Common Dreams via “Why no demands for resignation? Have too many Americans lost their proper sense of honest public service and accountability? From 1974 to now, the American Bar Association (ABA) – supposedly a first responder … Continue reading

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My Dreams of the Blogosphere

Duh…Why did it take me so long to realize it? I continue to have dreams about what I now see is my blog. Every Wednesday, whether I’m home or not, and without being notified, people come in my house and … Continue reading

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The Lesson (A Fable)

Mine is a tale of initiation. Were it otherwise I would invoke the muse. Please note, gentle reader, that I content myself with a statement of theme. Gods, as they appear herein, are but the mere acknowledgements of a symbolic … Continue reading

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Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing?

In the King James Version of the Bible the text reads: Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves. Currently they’re not even pretending to be sheep…

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