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At 79, I was just about to stop keeping a journal, but that felt like accepting that growth was finished. I don't want to be finished, yet! I'm 80 now, and struggling to communicate with you, if you'll come and set awhile. P.S. My how time flies! I'm 82 now.


Pieces of the damage, like a small boat dashed against the shore, remain and always will, but compassion can return, even for the mother, if you live long enough.

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The Week” May 17, 2919, carried a note that a 72-year old man has become the first person to cross the Atlantic in a barrel, propelled only by ocean currents.  It took four months for the 2,930 free ride from … Continue reading

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As a Retired Physician …. “🤨 This Shook Me to the Core 🤨 …. “!!

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~~April 29, 2019~~ I’m a retired physician … this isn’t true!! HE has no bottom! There’s nothing that HE won’t say! There’s nothing sacred, there’s no boundary HE won’t cross … this…

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 The Sink Hole Sunk This Poetic Effort

What’s wrong with wearing pink-tinted glasses? Face it—it’s hard today to walk without stepping in it. And if you slip and fall—oh my!  If only our inner compass could be depended upon, if our creative urges could steer us thru … Continue reading

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VULNERABLE (in 21 words)

What gets thrown, blown, lacking muscle or root? A life horrible, intolerable. Quick, hie thee to safety in yon sand box! I don’t know how to connect this to the site

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“We are here today to share in the memories of those who have passed on before us.” But what happens after we die?” Some people believe that when they die they go to heaven and spend eternity basking in the … Continue reading

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Perhaps my first tree was the one we played dog-on-wood with.  It was especially useful because of its long roots which permitted you to be “safe” from your opponents. A close second was a friendly pair of trees on the … Continue reading

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