Published February 23, 2022 by Nan Mykel


 I realize I should add the word “headshots” to my list of “alien” and “dog”,  as the meaning of those words  have become derogatory in my mind.  When I read the word “headshot” in someone’s photo story I initially processed it as meaning the result of  someone being shot in the head.

Harpers magazine says one in three folks in the United States believe life is fair.  I wonder how many of those are 1-percenters.

I missed the reason cartoonists now portray Putin without his shirt on?

How did I miss this…The May 28, 2021 issue of The Week reports that a Dutch startup has trained bees to sniff out Covid-19.  Researchers cooled down 150 bees  to make them less active, strapped the insects into harnesses, and then used a Pavlovian conditioning method to teach them the unique scent of the coronavirus.  Each time the bees were exposed to a virus-positive test sample they were also given a delicious sugar water solution–which the bees drank by extending their tongues.  When they were given a negative sample,  they received no reward.  Within hours the bees were sticking out their tongues when presented with the virus, even when no sugar water was offered.  I feel  for the assistant who had to harness the bees.

As we seem to be dumbing down a bit as gullible creatures (many believing  far-fetched conspiracy theories), the same issue of The Week  reports that a young speech pathologist has trained her dog to communicate in English.  “Dogs are thinking a lot,”  she says. “They have opinions and are wanting to share them.”  Hunger’s new book is How Stella learned to talk.





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