What the World Needs Now…

Published July 9, 2021 by Nan Mykel

Is NOT tattoos. Oh I know many tattoos have a happy theme, but I’ve suddenly gotten old and cantankerous and come to feel negative about tattoos. Thoughts come to mind, such as being at the pearly gates and telling God they perfected his original design, or children growing up to feel not sufficiently okay in their bodies, that they need to try and improve, or that getting a tattoo will be a good investment towards growing up, or an easy way to make a statement about their place in the alter culture, or express their anger, or hide their real vulnerable selves. I feel sad that the attitude towards females today–both of men and most women–has resulted in women placing so much of their self esteem into being “sexy” as opposed to being a human to be respected and taken seriously. I know evolution plays a big role in this behavior, but gosh, I still feel both sad and frustrated about it. Unfortunately, a number of insecure men appear to judge their own worth by their female following –or lack of following (see Incel). I wonder if the increasing number of transgender individuals reflects some of the situation. If you doubt that the number is increasing, take a look at Everything Teenage LGBTQ. Or perhaps it’s just that the issues are coming to the surface more. I remember reading that one F2M was surprised to be able to walk the street after dark without being hassled or threatened when he began presenting as his chosen gender (male).

Nuff said, maybe, so I’ll go onto other thoughts. NOW I’m onto another topic: Dreams. I found an apt, succinct statement about dreams I wanted to share, from Hall and Nordby’s The Individual and His Dreams.

“Dreams objectify that which is subjective, they visualize that which is invisible, they transform the abstract into the concrete, and they make conscious that which is unconscious. They come from the most archaic alcoves of the mind as well as from the peripheral levels of waking consciousness. Dreams are the kaleidoscope of the mind”. (p 146) Remember that the language of dreams is metaphoric.

3 comments on “What the World Needs Now…

  • SMiles Dear Tatoos Are An
    Art Form And Personal
    Freedom Of Expression

    No Different

    Than Sexuality

    Among Those With

    Higher Libidos And

    Different Flavors of


    Go Figure

    Nothing About
    Human Is Black

    And White Except

    For Imagining

    It That

    Way Change

    And Diversity
    Is Nature’s Way

    Even Stone
    At Essence

    And Sings

    In Ways Not
    All of See Yet

    Even Science



    We Co-Create

    Reality As We Move
    Connect And Co-Create



    Is We Experience🌈

    Happy Pride Month

    For All The Colors

    Of Humanity

    Ever Now

    Of Eternity🌈☺️

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    • I know, I know–Yet some of it feels like disrespecting ourselves, trying to be different than we are, that we’re not good enough as is. I’d say the girl in the photo is about eleven, has stuffed boobs, and is on her way to denying her own worth. Thanks for sharing.

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      • Perhap So Nan Yet
        The Expression of
        Her Pain May Be

        All That

        Her From Ending
        Her Life Like the
        Woman Who



        Around the
        Block And Had
        A House Full of Guns

        Day Before Yesterday

        Would Have Rather

        Seen Her
        Body Covered
        With Tattoos in
        A Fragile


        To Continue to
        Live Yes Lots of


        Pain in the



        Expressed than Dead…

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