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When things go wrong…

                                               We…MAKE DO!

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Pulling your hair only hurts your head– that’s what grandma always said.   If you can’t say something nice, then tell the truth said cousin Ruth.   The parole of the troll who stole the payroll won’ last long.   … Continue reading

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What about North Korea?

Originally posted on Imaginomix:
Buffalo Sister City 2017 Exchange Student at Korean War Memorial at Canalside At the risk of sounding like an alarmist, I’m alarmed.  For work and for curiosity, I’ve spent many years following Asia; politics, culture, history,…

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Feeling sorry for inanimate objects – a re-blog

Originally posted on Lucky Otters Haven:
Credit: Danielle Hamer Photography/Abandoned Objects I saw someone’s tweet today that caught my attention because I could relate to its sentiment. True story @ work tonite I completely crushed a paper cup out of…

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WHAT IS WORTHY OF A POEM? Life? Death? Love, sorrow or joy? Evolution? Elocution? Execution? Persecution? The brain? Summer rain? Gone insane? Window pane? _______________________ I saw a vulture picking at a live groundhog today  (actually on the lawn in … Continue reading

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Mack and Jack Work for Nan — a mini-script

Mack and Jack are twins who were separated at birth and never knew they had a twin, or even that they were adopted until they see one another on the street in Athens, Ohio, and do a double-take (pun intended). … Continue reading

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A CAUTIONARY TALE : Twelve Years with Sex Offenders

Treating sex offenders for twelve years during their incarceration was an eye-opening experience for me, and I’m a psychologist. Society’s anxiety about sexual abuse of children has prevented the free flow of information about vital issues for everyone–parent, child, victim, … Continue reading

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