Mack and Jack Work for Nan — a mini-script

Published April 13, 2017 by Nan Mykel

Mack and Jack are twins who were separated at birth and never knew they had a twin, or even that they were adopted until they see one another on the street in Athens, Ohio, and do a double-take (pun intended).  After seeing each other and talking, they are learning a bit more.

Jack:  Boy, Sells Park is one cool place!

Mack: Sure is.

Jack: Anything interesting in the news today?

Mack: Huh! I’ll say! For all their talk about patriotism, more than 1500 of the “one-percenters” renounced their U.S. citizenship last year so they didn’t have to pay taxes!

Jack: You sound like a Democrat!

Mack: Well sure…aren’t you?

Jack: Never!


Jack: You really are a Democrat?

Mack: To think that my one and only twin is a Republican!

Jack: Duh, if you had more than one you wouldn’t be a twin.

Mack: I thought twins were supposed to be more alike than…well, completely different! A one-percenter! I can’t get over it!  And here I thought you and Velma were broke!

Jack: We are! You can be a poor Republican. They’ll take whatever they can get.

Mack: How and why is what I want to know!  I’m a Union man,  Jack!

Jack: Your adoptive father is a Democrat?

Mack: Of course he is.

Jack: Mine was a Republican.

Mack: Oh…

Jack: I wonder what our natural mother was…is?

Mack: I heard 51 percent of white women voted for Trump.

Jack:  And I heard the Republicans want to make it a crime for a doctor to tell his pregnant patient if her baby is abnormal…

Mack: In these days of that debilitating mosquito!

Jack: Hopefully we’ll know how Mom voted on Saturday, when this show continues at the Farmers Market and we can meet our natural mother!


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