Reflections for Child Sex Abusers

Published April 1, 2017 by Nan Mykel


  Photo courtesy of  Faisal Jawaid sex is?


where babies come from?

how the body parts work?

what sex is?

how to say no?  (There was a power differential)

who she or he could tell?

what would happen after her telling?

that his or her normal developmental stages were being stunted?

that family and friends might blame the victim and hold him or her  responsible for what was happening?

they might avoid sexual activity in the future even with appropriate sexual partners?

that they would carry shame for a long time or forever for your actions?

why you were molesting him or her?  Were you aware?

of the harm you were causing to his or her future ability to trust?

that this was not  a loving hug?

she was being valued as an object, not a person?

that she must carry the secret or face dire consequences?

that her psycho-social development was being sabotaged?

(You are invited to add others in your comments)





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