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Published May 16, 2016 by Nan Mykel

1.Tournesol dans un Jardin—  A little bit about moi:I am a Family Life Educator/life skills facilitator and counsellor on a help line for youths. I have been working in the helping profession for 25+ years and volunteered in various capacities. I’m a mother of 2 adult children, a nana, a sister,  and proud owner of a Siberian-mix cat, Bette, I refer to as my BFF (best feline friend). This blog was once called Cher Shares where I started writing prose,flash fiction and various forms of poetry. Then I fell in love with Haiku, so I changed this to Tournesol dans un Jardin and my nom de plume for Haiku and other Japanese forms in poetry is Tournesol (sunflower). I try to follow daily prompts at Carpe Diem Haiku Kai where our host Chèvrefeuille is dedicated to this form, is a published poet as well and encourages his followers in crafting this beautiful form of writing. I am still learning…so much to learn but this form is like painting a picture of a moment in time…in words in the classical form which would 17 syllables in three lines, 5-7-5 although if your thought is expressed in less, that`s okay too.

2. Traces of the Soul  (Oliana) Whispering Insights of this and that, then and here.  Hello and Welcome to Traces of the Soul where I try to Whisper Insights.  I’m a woman, a person, a mom, a nana, a youth counsellor, a sister, a lover sometimes,  a loyal friend, compassionate volunteer and lifelong student of life. I am a lover of poetry and the written word.  As I explore the written word in various forms, I am enjoying myself as well as discovering traces of my soul as I continue on my spiritual journey. I may write poetry, a personal journal or attempt several flash fiction prompts out there.  The place I explore my inner soul the most are with Dear Emma and prompts at The Seekers Dungeon.    I use a pseudonym here so I can freely write whatever crosses my mind but this name is still personal. Olirepresents my son, Ana my daughter and Kim is what I used to call my sister when I was little.  I have another blog where I write solely Japanese form poetry under the pseudonym, Tournesol and another where I advocate for mental health and social justice.  However, here at Traces of the Soul, I can be just me…uncensored. I am from Montreal where we have long winters and I love snow up to December 26th ONLY thank you very much.  It is pretty if you do not have to get to work and are sitting in a cottage up in the mountains and like to snow shoe or ski…I do neither.  I lived here all my life except for a 10 year leap to Toronto which certainly changed my life…there IS life outside of Quebec.  If you are not a Québécois, you may not understand that…we tend to stay close to home a lot.…/dear- emma…/dear- emma-  This blog is about my thoughts, reflections and memories. Sometimes they will be personal and my way of processing certain life situations. I know, I am not unique in many of my thoughts but somehow, writing this into a blog…having readers as witnesses…sometimes gives me comfort. So thank you for dropping by. I feel honoured that you may read a blog or two as while I am Whispering Insights.

3. kanzen sakkanzensakura.wordpress.comura    South meets East: Poetry and Musings – words of the seasons  Welcome to my website – it’s South Meets East: Fried chicken and Sushi, magnolias and cherry blossoms, cut off shorts and kimonos. Haiku, recipes, Samurai, romance – oh my!  I’ve been writing since I was 6 and cooking since I was knee high to my papa and had to stand on a chair to watch him cooking.  I am a trained chef but escaped that scene to cook food I love for those I love.  I became interested in Japan –  history, food, culture when I was 11.  On a field trip to the Smithsonian for school, I escaped the gaggle of screaming kids and wandered. In the wanderings I discovered the Freer gallery and happy day! discovered Hokusai’s Great Wave on guest exhibit.  I stood enthralled in front of that small woodprint and was instantly captured by the detail and life.  Japan nestled in my heart from that day forward. I am a Southern woman and was born into an old and eccentric Southern family; not like those dark and tortured families by Faulkner but more like the Addams Family if they spoke with a drawl, complete with odd relatives and odder friends.  I am known for my fried chicken, tater salad, Japanese Cotton Cheesecake, sunomono, and nanner pudd’n.  I write classic haiku, “free range” poetry, some fiction, some musings, and about cooking and family.  But sometimes, a bit twisted.  After all, Addams Family, y’all. I am also a woman of the world having traveled extensively, several times to Japan and Europe and across the US and Canada. I make my own udon and sushi. I am a woman of the universe being a true geek and follower of Star Wars, Star Trek and have a couple of Next Gen style uniforms in my closet (engineering services).  String theory and origami make me equally happy and sometimes my humor is not quite…..normal.  My poetry isn’t that good but I keep trying.  Please comment and let me know!  I wrote my first haiku when I was six and there is a story about that. Some Interests are Cell Phone Photography , cooking, and food history. In my past I have done food photography and styling – freelance, bartended, autopsy photographer, ballroom dancing instructor, chef, and most recently, retired infrastructure engineer. Because I am only 4’10”, a katana is too long for me; therefore I wield a wakizashi: her name is Minimakaze (South Wind).   I go back to school in May for Pharmacy! (When Life throws you Lemons post.) I am married to a wonderful man who is every bit as odd as I.  I hope you will visit often and will follow my blog; it’s an odd mixture but that’s okay. Be welcome, be blessed and leave behind some of the happiness you bring

4.  I’m just a writer with clinical depression and social anxiety. I write poems, short stories, and I’m currently working on a mental illness romantic novel. I’m a musician too. I sing and play the drums when life sucks. Music is so nostalgic for me because I used to be excellent in it. And I promised myself to learn the guitar, piano, and violin before I die. That’s another quote down there, and for the same reason, I’m not good at endings. “The more powerful and original a mind, the more it will incline towards the religion of solitude” —Aldous Huxley

5.  As a young mom, many many years ago, I used to tell my children when they were in their tremendous twos and they would let go with a high pitched scream when they were unhappy, “Use your words, please.” Now as an Emeritus Dean of MBA programs, I am of the age…but instead of “retirement” ( I am not tired) I choose to call this stage of life rejuvenatement! So when I rejuvenated, I took a poetry course, and another and another.
And there I was, telling myself to “Use your words, please.” And so I did, and I do. And always for fun! And if other folks enjoy my words, well that’s all the more fun. I started this blog March 1, 2015. Who says you can’t teach an old dame new tricks???:)I’ve met so many amazing people and find myself chatting with folks from all over the globe, while I’m sitting here with my morning cup of coffee. I’ve had the fortune to publish my poem  Cape Cod Muse in Provincetown Magazine, the October 1, 2015 issue. So exciting!  In March 2016, I was honored to read some of my poetry at Bermuda’s celebration of UNESCO World Poetry Day…and my suggested prompt was used for Day 10 NaPoWriMo 2016.  April 12, 2016 I was thrilled to be a guest host at dVerse Pub for Poets. This is a wonderful online community of creative folks – meander over and take a peek!  Yep – I’m lovin’ rejuvenatement! a comment I had a hard time adjusting to the fact that I was the only one left in my immediate family. My brother, 9 years older than me, died at 51; my dad, before we moved to Boston; and my mom, 18 months after we moved to Boston. All uncles and aunts are also gone. So all who knew me at my birth — but yes — the beauty are the artifacts left behind be they art, music, poetry, photos, etc.

6. Therisa © 2016        Author’s note: For those, who don’t know, I’m a survivor, of childhood abuse, by my younger brother. Even though, its been almost, a decade, since I last seen him, I still get these flashbacks, of the violence, he did, to my mom and I. For years, my mentally constructed doors, kept these memories, at a distance, until August 14, 2007, when a very severe panic attack, destroyed my defences, and these memories flooded me.  Po
7. georgeplacepoetry by Debi Swim  This blog is dedicated to my efforts to improve and stretch my writing through prompts from various great sites I’ve found. You can visit the wonderful sites and try your own hand at imaginative and helpful prompts at my favorite places here:

11. dominique  Niki Malherbe has only recently come to terms with the fact that her most rewarding, most worthwhile job in the world is that of a mother. After years of study and practice as a lawyer, this realization came to her through her obsessive documentation of her unique journey of motherhood. The culmination of her writing is her first non-fiction work entitled ‘From Courtrooms to Cupcakes’, which was released in mid – 2014 and is now available in selected bookstores around the country and on AMAZON. This website shares her thoughts and observations on aspects of motherhood, parenting and the working world and all the stuff in between. Fun stuff but sometimes serious stuff too. About issues of law and the world of books. The intention is to generate smiles and initiate thoughts that resonate with mothers the world over who experience the diverse range of emotions that are so intrinsically tied to this function of being a mother. And of course, anyone else who is interested in these issues. She lives in Cape Town with her hubby and four children.
Read the first introductory paragraphs of her story in the book’s tag.

12,  Esther Ling.  Lesbian.  French?

13.  Kai Cheng Thom is a Contributing Writer for Everyday Feminism. She is a Chinese trans woman writer, poet, and performance artist based in Montreal. She also holds a Master’s degree in clinical social work, and is working toward creating accessible, politically conscious mental health care for marginalized youth in her community. You can find out more about her work on her website and at Monster Academy

14. Candice Louisa Daquin  Occupation: Poet/Writer.  Lives: USA. American Southwest. Previously Canada and Europe.

 15. Carol Campbelle. 2 blogs: tracks  of the soul and
16. sometimesmagical  the bifeminist, interfaith ramblings of an apostate writer – I’m a 25 year-old bisexual ciswoman. I grew up in fundamentalist Christianity, not an easy place for a non-heterosexual girl. As a result of what I experienced within fundamentalism, I am a fierce advocate for equality, tolerance, and freedom of thought. I’m also a little gun-shy of religion, but I’m not atheist. I create my own brand of spirituality which draws heavily from Paganism, Buddhism, and Jesus (because I still think he was a pretty cool guy, despite what his followers have made of everything). I love words. They’ve been my friend from the very beginning, traveling with me through my upbringing in fundamentalism, standing by me as I grappled with the uncertainty of losing my religion, giving me a voice as I found my own truth, and connecting me to others of similar experience. They’ve been a therapist, fellow activist, and divine interventionist–the one constant that helps me find order in the midst of my often chaotic journey of self-discovery. I process everything through writing. Sometimes stories, sometimes poetry, sometimes prose. I’ll probably post a little of all of it here. This is my letter to the world–I’m alive, and I’m free.
17.“Hi my name is Helen Caligiuri! I’m 40 something years old, straight, single, celibate, numpty with some crazy cat lady tendencies…”
18. Timoteo  @Timoteo77  Author, poet, guru, certified bra fitter, cat whisperer. Fair and unbalanced. Wrote LAST TANGO IN TIMBUKTU– Tucson, Arizona. Handsome
 19. Pleasant Street  @AreYouThrilled  Poet, mother, thinks too much and feels too deeply. Dreaming up a way to use baked goods as legal tender. Oh, and I appear to be stuck in 1948. (was RoseRed)

20.  This site, originally called Writing Through the Fog, has evolved since 2008. First focused on travel, it is now a space of creative nonfiction, personal essays, and memoir on writing, the internet, place and space, time and memory, and relationships. (I’ve removed many early posts on travel and street art.) Hosted on, it introduced me to the world of WordPress, and later to Automattic, where I work today as a story wrangler on the editorial team….I love… paddling down a river on a hot day; my little house; street art and abandoned buildings; squirrels and mogwai; my husband; and exploring Sonoma County, where we live.

 21.  Walt Box   I am interested in observation and reflection. And that may lead me to something I want to write about. I may approach it as a story with some truthiness to it, and it may or may not be based on something that actually happened, but it probably won’t recount what really happened. I may write about something I observe, or feel, or am obsessed with, but it won’t likely be something that I participated in. Because as soon as I write about something I participated in, I’m writing about my personal life, which I don’t like to do. I think I just don’t like writing about myself. Unless I can write about me writing about myself, or how I write about myself, if and when I do. Which I guess is what I’m doing now.

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