Published January 1, 2023 by Nan Mykel

If so, what do you do?

Possible responses:

Ask for identification of everyone present??

Yes, but…What do you do when a tv conglomerate credits you with one cent so they have an open account with you?

Or when an electric conglomerate lets two fly-by-night companies both bill you for the same services, covered beneath their own?

I usually don’t speak up when friends lie, since I can understand their not-always-negative motivation. Tell me, did you ever feel apologetic for taking so long to die? Or not asking questions because it might cause the other embqarawssment (or further lying?)
By the way, the “new system” — either Word Soft or Word Press’s–will tell me “embarassment” is misspelled but won’t offer the correct spelling. I wonder what balliwick that’s under?

I don’t mean to trick you into my gripe session…”Honestly?” Back to being lied to: I encourage your response, if that’s still possible on my site:

When you doubt a statement how do you respond?
a. Ignore your suspicion
b. Laugh and say “That’s hard to believe.”
c. Shrug and say “Surely not!”
d. Shrug and say “You’ve got to be kidding!?”
e. Say nothing but give a skeptical or shocked look
f. Say “Are you a MAGA?”
g. Bite your lip and drop your head
h. Shake your head and say “It doesn’t add up.”
i. Smile grimly and say “I wasn’t born yesterday.”
j. Say. “Ask me no questions and I’ll tell you no lies, eh?”
k. Shake your head and say, “It’s awful, how Trump has taught us to prevaricate.”
l. Let your disappointment show and say “It feels like I’m too old to be trusted with the truth.” or “It feels likw I’m too young–or distrusted or stupid or crazy–to be trusted with the truth.”
m. Say “Would you mind putting that in writing?”
n. Pull out your cell phone if you know how to work it and say, “Would you repeat that again…please?”
o. Say nothing but disrespect the other more.
p. Say nothing but know that your relationship is superficial at best.
p. Say nothing but make a note not to trust what the other person says.
q. Say nothing but give a disbelieving stare.
r. Say nothing but swallow her or his distancing statement between you two.
s. Look at your fingernails, maybe paint them.
t. Say “Liar, liar! Pants on Fire!”
u. Smile sadly and say, “Do you mind if I fact-check that?”
v. Turn on the gas and see who dies first.
w. Just get depressed and withdraw.
x. Cry in frustration.
y. Question further or start to argue.
z. Go write a post on a mysteriously changing website.
aa. Get out and read once again my copy of YOUR PERFECT RIGHT
bb. Let yourself look disbelieving and say “You’re kidding!”
ccc. Say, “Are you on their payroll?”
ddd. [Oh, there’s my dark key!] Avoid eye contact and give a little smirk
eee. Build on the lie, making it even more grotesque. Make a space for you in hell. (SEE? I’ve gotten angry, no longer depressed?!?)


HEY, maybe that’s something we can do in response to the hump man: be a shining stickler for the truth with crossed t’s and dotted I’s!

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