Published November 10, 2022 by Nan Mykel

I found this very soothing…

Paul Scribbles

today i tore strips off myself

revealing slithers of brokenness

these i will paint with a golden light

poured from all my invisible shames

rivulets of pain and struggle brought

to the forefront of my deep-casked being

this my angel’s share for you all to behold

this my deepest and most human of truths

we howl alone in this waking world

this glueless and fractured mosaic

separated en masse by the very adhesive

that binds us wholly in our sole dissolution

those unwelcomed cracks that serve

to remind us that we too are mycelial

wriggling animate in this soiled emergent

unfolding explosion we call being alive

and that this is precisely how it should be

uncertainty and mystery, our blessed birth rites

our human commonality so deeply hidden

by the ironic pursuit of our self development

A submission for Earthweal’s OLW #142


The angel’s share

the amount of an…

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