Published July 17, 2021 by Nan Mykel

Now that I’ve driven my potential readers away, I’ll share what’s been on my mind: evolution. It’s an exciting topic, mysterious, and curious, so I’m hooked. The following excerpt is from Nigel Barger’s recent book, Evolution in the Here and Now, Prometheus 2020. “When gene expression is altered by the environment, there can be marked behavioral consequences….Children raised in stressful homes are significantly shorter in stature despite the fact that that height is one of the most genetically heritable traits. Psychological stress inhibits normal growth and development by changing the way that genes are expressed.” So a psychological (i.e., environmental) influence can alter gene expression , thereby shortening stature. (p 205) I’m wondering about the age factor–whether the stress transmitted in utero or during the bonding process might initiate the alteration of the gene expression. Have I not read about babies dying from lack of human touch? I’m assuming here that parents in those stressful homes would exhibit similar stressful and stress-inducing behavior behavior during the birthing process, and their hypothetical level of stress effect a compromised genetic expression. For the latter possibility, birth weights might differ. I posted this because it got my curiosity (“what if…”) going.


  • Spot on! A truly exciting topic. The discovery of epigenetic effects invalidates all those identical twin studies that supposedly varied the environment while keeping the genes constant. The environment changes gene expression!

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  • SMiles Nan A Child
    Unattached To
    Breast Who
    Receives Few
    Hugs of Touch
    Gazing into the

    Eyes of

    A Loving
    Mother Most

    Hours Awake

    Loses The Potential
    Development Of

    Mirror Neurons
    To Feel The Pain
    And Pleasure of

    Others That
    Even Makes Empathy
    Compassion And Love

    Fully Possible Yes
    Cold Capitalistic
    Societies Based

    On Acquiring



    Over Cooperation

    Creates Gods That
    Are Monsters


    Of Human
    Innate Love at
    Best In Other


    Are Currently
    Creating A Zombie
    Apocalypse With


    Withering Away
    They Even Call

    This Trump
    Sent From
    The Same
    God of No Love…

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  • Nan, well said. We humans do not factor in environment enough on patients’ medical conditions. You pointed out a couple, but bladder cancer is a bell weather cancer due often to the environment toxins. Children’s brains and lungs develop fully later in life, so the exposure to environmental toxins is greater, especially since they mouth breath more and touch things and put hands to mouth more often. Keith

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