Published May 6, 2020 by Nan Mykel

N=Nan   T=Therapist

T:  Back again, huh.

N:  Yeah. I’ve got to get my wheels back on track.

T: Wheels?

N: Yes–back in line with myself.  I’ve gotten sidetracked.

T:  Who’s the engineer?

N:  I am…was…

T:  And now?

N: It must be an Archetype.  It’s that huge.

T:  It?

N:  He.  He must be of Archetypal proportions to have  such a massive effect.

T:  Which Archetype?

N:  I’ve got to think on that…

T:  Take your time.

N:  But I don’t have too much time.  I’m not sure I’ll outlast this plague…

3 comments on “SELF THERAPY Session Two

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