4 Responses to A few minutes ago…

  1. Hi Nan. Reading this I’m reminded of a dream I had this morning just before waking. I leave something of mine, a bag with my stuff, with a couple with a baby for them to look after because I have other things to do. A bit later I am back with the couple and tickle the baby who then smiles. I was grateful she responded. So perhaps dreams do follow up? And no, I didn’t feel guilty for asking for help about my things. No sense of ineptitude. It was the reasonable thing to do.

    In your explanatory notes about your dream I’m dismayed about the following: ‘unresolved guilt about your daughter’ – guilt that you can’t visit her as often? or guilt that she has Downs Syndrome? If the latter – no reason to feel guilty, it’s surely not your fault. And the statement that ‘I expect others to take care of my ineptitude’ – it’s okay to ask for help! As illustration, see above and also a friend lost her cellphone at a party at their home. She phoned us all to ask if we’d seen it and she was right to do so. It was a valuable item, not only in monetary terms but also her contact and address list and whatever other data we keep on our phones.

    Not very fair to yourself. The searching the garbage bags probably relates to the sense of ineptitude (self-image). That you didn’t find anything in the garbage probably means you haven’t lost it, you still have it, you just don’t realise. The stuff you did find is the version your self-image gives: not worth much, probably doesn’t work anyway, whatever. Oh well, just how things are… the things we tell ourselves.

    I like the interpretation of the nun and the Waking Witness. Perhaps look there for your lost AND FOUND. Smiles!!
    Much regard.


  2. Hi Nan. Came back to this post to check and only two replies. Thanks for the blessing! Much regard.


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