When I Woke Up This Morning…

Published July 5, 2017 by Nan Mykel

my watch said 8:30, but didn’t say if it was morning or night. As I do in such cases, I checked my computer. Yay! I can sleep some more! But first I had to check my friends on “Readers,” and was moved to share a dream from last night I barely remember, but it was one of my rare funny dreams.

It was kind of a re-run of “You’re Fired!” and in it that star had become a comedian and had brought all his baggage to the white house with him. Yep! We had a comedian for president, with all the pouts and name-calling and bad habits like feeling up women and denigrating them left and right. He even used the Tweeter–or Twitter — for his presidential announcements. The first thing I dreamed about him doing was trying to wipe out the office of ethics (chuckle).  It was a gas, I tell you.  his favorite news outlet was the National Enquirer.  He even justified some of his behavior by saying out loud, over tv, that he was right because HE was the president, and “they” weren’t.

He started this game which caught on nationwide called “Fake News.”  He would make a presidential statement and people could guess whether it was true or not. And the temper tantrums he would throw!  And the clever ways he would “get even” with  others. Talk bout a blatant bully! He said the real military soldier heroes weren’t the ones who got killed, but those that lived.  He publicly mimicked the disabled and joined the audience in targeting minorities. He installed his family into the white house–which  is usual–but he put some of them in official presidential rooms. (Wonder who got the Lincoln room?) He’d hold meetings for everyone round the table in order to give them a chance, one by one,  to compliment him on his recent “performance.”   He’d start a back alley fight with his predecessor–(metaphorically speaking).  He even had the balls before the election to make millions of dollars while pretending a fake university. He insulted his allies, even white ones.  Sometimes he would forget to salute during the  pledge of allegiance.  He put climate deniers, professional racists, good buddies in the habit of lying, enemies of public schools, and anti-union folks into positions where they could work their villainy onstage.  It was when he, amid laughter and applause from the audience, bragged he could shoot someone and get away with it, that I awoke and discovered I hadn’t been dreaming a comedy, but  a nightmare. Moreover, I wasn’t dreaming any more.  I woke to REALITY!

North Korea really has the muscle as we learned on the Fourth of July, and Trump is about to rub elbows with a whole roomful of national leaders.  What personal insult might set off a real “battle?”  He has shown he can’t control his narcissism, his mouth, his tweets and his habit of getting even for imagined disses.

I hope someone in the white house has disabled the red button for the next few days!

7 comments on “When I Woke Up This Morning…

  • Nan,

    I feel for you.
    We had an election almost three months ago and got a hung parliament. The far right party is the second biggest party (to my shame, no I didn’t vote for them!) and none of the other parties want to govern with them.

    The smaller parties are arguing amongst themselves about deals to top up seats to make a majority government with the biggest party and are still squabbling. This means we have had a caretaker government since the election. Sometimes I wonder why they just can’t sit down and make it work and get frustrated about it. Then I remember two things:

    First: Belgium operated with a caretaker government for more than three years in similar circumstances and their economy did better than when they had a “real” government lol !!!!

    Second: at least we don’t have to worry that someone like Trump is in charge of our country.

    I therefore promise to never grumble when the political stalemate is on our News more than half the week. I don’t envy your political situation, I’d be worried sick too. Trump is a man unnerves all of the developed world… our leaders might smile to his face (or not, ha!) but you can bet your boots he is the topic of their derision behind his back.

    He worries them sick too. A “loose cannon” you might call him, … or just plain idiot lunatic.


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