The Long Night, for d’Verse

They say human beings don’t like questions without answers. If there’s a big unanswered question, someone answers it with a myth, a conspiracy theory, a lie, or  a guess, forgetting I guess about randomness. (For a challenge read

Take flying saucers, for example.  One night about 1948 our family was watching a movie in a drive-in theater in Charlotte, North Carolina.  I don’t recall anything being on the screen at the time, but  a round fiery object appearerd from the right at about a 45 degree angle in the night sky and traveled to the left across the horizon, never veering towards earth.   I’d guess it must have taken about 4-8 seconds to traverse the horizon. It wasn’t long enough for people to express their surprise by honking.  My family all saw it and the next day in the newspaper it was reported that a number of calls had been made to some place like the airport,  and they thought it was something like a weather balloon.  It looked like a fireball, not like a meteorite.  Maybe “they” were trying to sneak a peek at the movie without paying for a ticket?  Now don’t get mad at me for spoiling the romance of this lovely d’verse night, but I don’t like unaswered questions myself.

The horse’s blinders

vaccine for insanity

humble and in awe.

About Nan Mykel

At 79, I was just about to stop keeping a journal, but that felt like accepting that growth was finished. I don't want to be finished, yet! I'm 80 now, and struggling to communicate with you, if you'll come and set awhile. P.S. My how time flies! I'm 82 now.
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31 Responses to The Long Night, for d’Verse

  1. This line made me laugh: “Maybe “they” were trying to sneak a peek at the movie without paying for a ticket?”. Haha. There is always someone trying to get something for free.
    Nicely done.


  2. kanzensakura says:

    Very good Nan! I remember when I was 16, a UFO zipped about various places in Dyrham, NC. It zipped and dipped, hovered and flew for about 30 minutes and then ZIP! it was gone. This is about the night sky and UFO’s certainly belong there!


  3. thotpurge says:

    Maybe “they” were trying to sneak a peek at the movie without paying for a ticket… love that 🙂

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  4. Brian says:

    I can’t say I’ve ever seen a flying saucer, ghosts yes, aliens no.

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  5. Well, my neighbors came to our door in 1977 one night to tell us to come out and see something strange in the sky. We lived rurally, with fields stretching out behind us for some distance. It was dusk, not yet dark. Half a dozen of us watched for 45 minutes as a round object hovered above a tree about two fields away from us. There was no noise, no motor or engine or anything to indicate what was holding it up. It simply hovered, as if observing, as we observed back, and eventually slowly moved away. I called the police to report it and they said they had received many calls and had no idea what it was. I enjoyed your poem!


  6. Well, well, well. Interesting. Love your slightly cynical haiku. We take our blinders off at our own peril…


  7. Logic of Stars
    vs.. Dreamtime
    of hUman inner UniVerse..
    form makes illusion of concrete
    Stars form from DreAms of MiNd..
    oh.. Horatio.. never visits a textbook..
    or one step.. two step.. four+ step book
    of methods to stay
    on concrete
    of beFoRe..
    Miracles.. and
    FruiT oF dreAms..
    directly proportionate..
    as Belief becomes iSREaL..

    i would
    be dead..;)


  8. I so wonder what the movie was…. it would be so interesting what those lizard beings like.


  9. I love the (un)romantic take on this! I didn’t spot your name at first on Blenza. So glad you joined us. Always something surprising from you. I saw some satellites the other night and it spoiled it for me somewhat.


  10. Sumana Roy says:

    interesting and enjoyable…


  11. lillian says:

    Smiling I am. Also remembering a very strange sight in Death Valley Days many years ago – we actually stopped our car to stare at the disk shaped light that appeared in the sky, hovered and then disappeared. We looked at each other, never said a word, and drove on. Hmmmmm….
    Late to the posting and reading, but enjoying immensely! 😊

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  12. I live in Nevada–the home of Area 51–and UFO stories abound. Often it turns out to be Air Force test planes. Who knows?

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  13. lynn__ says:

    Interesting take on prompt, Nan! And your haiku has me thinking…

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  14. Bryan Ens says:

    Wonderful story! I love the “vaccine for insanity” line of your haiku!

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