Published December 1, 2020 by Nan Mykel
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The ability to faint when pain gets too great

The lessened fear of death with age

Prolonged infancy developing into love

The “religious” or “spiritual” gene serving to draw people together beyond family lines*

Mathematics, which leads us to believe that this is a rational world

The aesthetic experience and beauty

The cherishing of nostalgic memories

Reports of a sense of peace associated with near death or dying experiences

The survival instinct which permits life on the planet to evolve

Consciousness so that we can reflexively experience




Word Press


Humor– the saving grace

*Altho aspects of this is also a problem

3 comments on “I AM GRATEFUL FOR…

  • Thanks Again
    For Sharing
    Nan And Yes
    Gratitude For
    i Remember LoSinG
    Effective Use of
    Eyes And Ears
    In 2008
    i Was
    Really Looking
    Forward to HDTV
    And YouTube Yet
    True Without
    i Would likely
    Have Rotted Away
    Never Exercising
    FullY iN PLaY
    A Creative Step
    And Word of
    Active Dance



    In Front

    Of A Screen



    And Song
    Of Soul

    To Give


    Share Free



    For Giving

    And Sharing

    Coloring Life’s Breath🌊💫


      • After 11 Years of Chronic to Acute Work Related Stress i Developed a Synergy
        of Life Threatening Disorders Counting 19, Where the Most Severe Malady
        Was Type Two Trigeminal Neuralgia Commonly Termed The Suicide Disease
        Moving Into 2008 With the Other Yet to Be Diagnosed Disorders…

        This Pain Like A Dentist Drill in My Right Eye and Ear for
        66 Months From Wake to Sleep that No Drug Would
        Touch Not only Shut me in my Home But Shut me
        in My Head Without Even Any Memory of
        A Feeling of A Smile For 33 Months…

        Just Shut-in my Head until on
        Thanks Giving Day of 2010
        i Turned the Computer
        Screen Down Late
        That Night
        Off Prescription
        Glasses Where Any
        Light Then or Additional
        Ocular Focus Made the Pain
        That Much Worse and Started
        A Journey of A Mountain of One
        Word of Pain a few inches from an
        Almost Dark Screen to Barely See it
        to Start to Write and Write More Just
        basically to get my Mind off of ending
        my Life in truly Never Ending Hell some
        of the Other Disorders Included Sjorgren’s
        Syndrome Where my Eyes Quit Making Tears
        And Dysautonomia Where My Blood Pressure
        Would Not Synch with my Heart as my Autonomic
        Nervous System was Damaged From the Stress
        And Out of Balance Along with Fibromyalgia And
        A Cocktail of Mental Disturbances that isn’t Hard
        to imagine And yes it is When All is Pain And Numb

        Where Every
        Second is
        Really A
        Years in

        Hell and this
        is why i Do Happy
        Eternally Now for i understand…
        what ‘the other place’ is as well

        Perspective and Gratitude for Every
        Breath Now as then i had no idea if

        i would ever be able to make it Through

        the Next Second of Life as in that place then
        All Is Time As Is in This Place Now Time is not even
        Relevant Nor is Distance, Space, or Matter Yes At

        Least when

        i am



        NoW iN


        Flow Escaping

        A Neo-Cortex of

        Potential Worries

        Illusions of Past and

        Future that once took me

        Down Now Basically iFly Free

        WiTH SMiLes

        If You ever

        Meet another

        Person in A Real

        Heaven Within

        Ask them



        Been For they

        too may have

        Tread Where

        Even Demons Fear to See..

        Thanks For Asking Nan

        Keep the Spirit

        of Gratitude



        For this is all my

        Life is now



        Gratitude indeed..

        And i Will Tell this Same

        Story a Zillion Instances

        Wherever i go as there was no

        One Who Could Relate with what

        i was going through then particularly

        The Pain that was invisible to everyone

        Else that took 2 Years to Get Diagnosed




        i should

        Whine so Much

        About it and i learned

        Really that Most everyone

        Still can’t imagine what it was

        like as i sure didn’t know Hell

        existed before then on Earth Within..

        Not Saying

        Life is



        i Do make
        It EPiC Fun ALWaYS Now
        for me at least as my Mother
        Said Why not You in Hell and

        Now i say

        i am

        In Heaven

        Why Not Again

        As in ‘this Place’

        There is No Reasons or Why’s Just DO..:)


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