Pins in My Cushion

Published September 12, 2021 by Nan Mykel


This report from the Casper Star Tribune showing that the even smaller state of Wyoming has seen 7,358 students and 60 staff test positive in the first week of school. (Daily Kos)

Enough bloodshed for active combatants and veterans the world over! Why must our playing cards always risk death to enlisted men and women (aka Trump’s “suckers?”)  Why not schedule a game  at an agreed-upon date and let the winner of the freedom-from-death GAME be declared the winner?  If we’re all brothers and sisters under the skin, it seems the rational thing to do.  I’m bothered by the idea of living humans being moved across combat zones like chess pieces when there’s a rational alternative.  Sure, we’d be gambling, but aren’t we anyway?.

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