Haibun for Dverse 6-6-16

So here it is: The master of the uninverse either has a devious sense or humor or gets terribly bored at times. For instance, He planned and plotted  that one little bunch of His creatures live out of sight, underground, for fourteen years (sic).  Then apparently a clarion call sounds and they all creep upwards to see the light of day, and sing (though it sounds like a buzz to some). Someone has actually written a musical score for their buzz-song. They will mate and insert their eggs into tree bark and then the nymphs (I kid you not) will begin their long dark night of the soul. (That is, if a bird doesn’t eat them first). They are members of the Magicicada genus.


the great ball of twine unrolls

who is to question


About Nan Mykel

At 79, I was just about to stop keeping a journal, but that felt like accepting that growth was finished. I don't want to be finished, yet! I'm 80 now, and struggling to communicate with you, if you'll come and set awhile. P.S. My how time flies! I'm 83 now.
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22 Responses to Haibun for Dverse 6-6-16

  1. Patti says:

    Is that what’s going on when they “sing” (though I don’t think I’d call it a song. Or a buzz. Maybe a chirp.)?


  2. thotpurge says:

    Oh this was wonderful.. love the haiku!


  3. whimsygizmo says:

    Too much fun! Love this cicada song!


  4. kanzensakura says:

    Excellent. cicada are one of my favorite species of insect. Big and gentle they look fierce but do not harm one. We have both the seven years and the 13 years species here.


  5. Oh this is perfect, I saw that video on cicadas the other day and came prepared so to speak… the cicada is also a kigo for traditional haiku so it makes perfect sense…


  6. Beautiful Nan! I thought it was 17 years? I’ll look it up.


  7. Bodhirose says:

    Truly wild…just what is the point of those cicadas’ unusual life cycle??


  8. lynn__ says:

    Sometimes we find cicada “shells” attached to trees after they shed their skin…17 years is a looong time, especially in the insect kingdom!


  9. I learned something new here! and I loved your haiku.


  10. lillian says:

    oh the life of the cicada……..it’ having a leap year birthday to the nth degree! 🙂
    Enjoyed this one a lot! 🙂


  11. Sautee Barb says:

    Haibun. New to me. Thanks!


  12. Here’s an example of how sound, like scent, can elicit vivid memories. Nicely done.


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