Published June 25, 2021 by Nan Mykel

Linguist Noam Chomsky has spent much of his life studying the underlying structure of language–not the meaning of words used but their underlying form and pattern. Evolution is the hypothesized generator underlying language, which subsequently developed world wide into the various languages, all based on the underlying pre-existing patterning. (See Grammatical Man by Jeremy Campbell, Simon and Schuster). A similar underlying evolutional provision is hypothesized to exist in other areas (with some suggestive evidence) in the area of mathematics and musical talent. Incidentally, the most spoken languages as of 2020 are English: 1,132 million; Mandarin Chinese: 1,117 million speakers; Hindi 615 million; and Spanish 534 million (blog.Lingoda.com).

Perhaps a more clearcut evolutionary prescription is suggested by what has been called the spiritual gene hypothesis, fine-tuned by Dean Hamer, a molecular biologist at the National Institutes of Health. The God gene hypothesis proposes that human spirituality is influenced by heredity and that a specific gene called vesicular monoamine Transporter 2 (VMAT2) acts by altering monoamine elements and provides an evolutionary advantage by providing individuals with an innate sense of optimism (Wikipedia).

Hamer draws a sharp distinction between spirituality and religion or belief in a particular god, the latter of which is transmitted culturally. Wikipedia reports that there are approximately 4,200 active religions in the world [!] As of 2020 the breakdown is:

Christianity2.382 billion31.11%
Islam1.907 billion24.9%
Secular Nonreligious/Agnostic/Atheist1.193 billion15.58%
Hinduism1.251 billion15.16%
Buddhism506 million5.06%
Chinese traditional religion394 million5%
Ethnic religions excluding some in separate categories300 million3%
African traditional religions100 million1.2%
Sikhism26 million0.30%
Judaism14.7 million0.18%
Spiritism14.5 million0.18%
Baháʼí5.0 million0.07%
Jainism4.2 million0.05%
Shinto4.0 million0.05%
Cao Dai4.0 million0.05%
Zoroastrianism2.6 million0.03%
Tenrikyo2.0 million0.02%
Animism1.9 million0.02%
Druze1.2 million0.015%
Neo-Paganism1.0 million0.01%
Unitarian Universalism0.8 million0.01%
Rastafari0.6 million0.007%
Total7.79 billion100%


  • HAha, i Kid You Not Nan i Was Looking At this Exact Same
    Table in A Spread Sheet of Religions Around the World

    Just Yesterday too

    Human Is Human

    There is Autotelic

    Flow Frission That

    May Be Described

    As Divine in Tow

    Yes There

    is Language

    Unlimited Metaphors
    That Attempts to Describe

    What is Other Wise Ineffable

    For Those Who Do Not Have

    The Experience of Autotelic Flow
    In A Life of Meditation With Copious

    Amounts of Frission Otherwise known

    As Skin Orgasms From Head to Toe Experiencing
    Life in Aesthetic Sublime Way Just Seeing Sunrises
    Sunsets And Nature’s Beauty All Natural As Such or
    Perhaps Even the Art Humans Try to Create Through
    iMaGiNaTiON True So Many Feelings Senses Vibrations
    Frequencies Energies Music New Instruments We Create Expanding
    Our Vocal Chords Now to Piano strings Our Heart Beats to Percussion
    Of Piano Hammers Thumping Strings As Well to the Beat of Our Existence

    Freer Coloring

    Life more
    Now Than

    Ever Before

    For Those Who More

    Fully Feel And Sense Life

    As Bliss And Nirvana Whole

    Thing is This is as Real As The

    Nose on Some Folk’s Face Yet in

    Metaphor Some Folks Are Born Without
    This Scent And Not Raised to Be More Open

    Minded Bodied SouLED For Real This Way

    Those Who Miss Out on Heaven are Sadly

    Lost indeed For This Heaven is As Real

    As Blue Skies Above Coloring Beyond

    Rainbows within for Real And true

    On Earth Within There are as

    Many Potential Layers

    of Real HeLL oNE EartH

    And Heaven Within too Helps to

    Understand Greater When One has

    Staycationed in Heaven And Hell and

    Lived in the Lowest Rent Luke Warm Places of Purgatory Grey SHaDES too

    Best Thing of All Science Proves This is all Real.. Worst Thing of All So Many


    So Lost



    of Real Ascending

    Transcending the Mundane of Existence..

    Is it Great For Natural Selection Of Course

    When It’s Good to Live More Folks Come to Be
    At Least When Humans Are Still Connecting As Human…
    This Experience is Farther Away For Most Folks Than Ever before..

    As It Just Doesn’t Come to Be With So Many Mechanical Cognition Left
    Brain Metaphor Limiting Ways of Life to Be So Neo-Cortically Trapped Yet

    This Experience is Also More Available Than Ever Before to Understand
    IT IS REaL Yet There Are No Magic Recipes in Any Sacred Text Without
    THE Experience Words All Symbols of Art Are JusT EMPTy SHeLLS on BeacH…


      • Hehe it is What it
        Is Nan Don’t Need
        To Name ALL What

        i Do


        It Comes to
        Small Three Letter
        Words Like God Only
        Historic Words From
        Men Who Never Wrote

        A Word


        Others Give
        The Last Word
        God To As If



        Be Sold And
        Paid For With Blood

        Humans Are Notorious
        For Naming What They



        Or Actually Do
        Goddess Of Victory
        Has More Sense Never

        Selling A

        i Shall Not
        Lie i Just Do
        The Dance With
        Goddess of Victory

        Nike Shoes

        i Do The Dance i Do

        God Is Breath if That’s
        Not Gift Enough

        FolkS Ain’t🙌

        Even Breathed Yet…🌈
        Rainbows They Create🌊😊


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