RACISM part one

Published March 13, 2021 by Nan Mykel

There’s too much to say on the topic, so I’ll just write in small chunks, over several days.

To correct the belief that no one is born prejudiced: the grim fact is for us moderns that evolution gave us millions of years of the unsocial tendency called kin selection, which means that evolution favored maintaining one’s own genetic family line over others’.  (Remember all the kin in the white house?)

“People of different races are different. Although we are all one species and quite capable of exchanging genes, the fact remains that members of any race seem likely to share more genes with each other than with individuals of a different race. Physical resemblance almost certainly has some correlation with genetic resemblance, and accordingly, we can expect the principles of kin-selection altruism to operate on this fact.” (David Barash, The Whisperings Within, 1979 p. 153).

“…we’ve got to be carefully taught not to hate others who are different from ourselves, because it may be our biological predisposition to do so…If evolution does incline us to a degree of racial bigotry, that certainly does not mean that such inclinations are justified. What may have been adaptive under the conditions of our early evolution , when groups rarely met and were likely to be strongly competing when they did, is today not only dangerous and stupid and socially reprehensible but woefully maladaptive…We must demand that our cultural institutions, such as education and child rearing, make sure that we are “carefully taught” to love one another. Because, but true, we seem unlikely to do so by ourselves.” (Ibid 154, 155).

P.S.  A post has appeared on my website several times showing the supposed enlarged penises of black natives.  I wonder if its purpose is to feed competitiveness between men of different races.

Next: The Malleability of Humans’ Attitudes toward outsiders.


2 comments on “RACISM part one

  • Interesting post.
    I fear that humankind may never overcome the bigotry within, especially in regards to the superficial.

    I read that research found infants demonstrate a preference for caregivers of their own race, but any future racial bigotries generally are environmentally acquired. (Perhaps adult racist sentiment can be cemented by a misguided yet strong sense of entitlement, perhaps also acquired from one’s environment?)

    One means of proactively preventing this social/societal problem may be by allowing young children to become accustomed to other races in a harmoniously positive manner.

    At a very young and therefore impressionable age, I was emphatically told by my mother (who’s of Eastern European heritage) about the exceptionally kind and caring nature of our Black family doctor. She never had anything disdainful to say about people of color; in fact she loves to watch/listen to the Middle Eastern and Indian subcontinental dancers and musicians on the multicultural channels.

    I believe this had a noticeably positive effect upon me.

    Had she (for whatever reason) told me the opposite about the doctor, however, I could have aged while blindly linking his color with an unjustly cynical view of him and, eventually, all Black people.

    Therefore, essentially by chance, I reached adulthood unstricken by uncontrolled feelings of racial contempt seeking expression.

    Not as lucky, some people—who may now hold an authoritative, and even armed, position—were raised with a distrust or blind dislike of other racial groups.

    The first step towards changing our irrationally biased thinking can be our awareness of it and its origin. But until then, I believe, such biased sentiments should either be kept to oneself or counselled, especially when considering the mentality is easily inflamed by anger.


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