My Ratings Look Like I’ve Died…

Published June 23, 2017 by Nan Mykel

But I haven’t.  I attended a drag show and decided to re-ignite my public access show, Kaleidoscope, on a bi-weekly basis. A new co-producer enjoys videotaping and is good at it, so  it looks like I’m out of temporary public access retirement. My part of the show is usually doing or saying dumb things. Like today while fully clothed I had my co-producer video tape me demonstrating the correct way to get out of a tub if you’re infirm (which I am, just about),

I do have a warning: there are lots of “tub holds” for sale, but they rarely warn that they’re not for fiberglass tubs. And at least one very large enterprise won’t let you return it even unopened. Beware.  I got into this topic because I so longed to lie in a warm bath and relax. Since I can’t afford a “walk in tub,” I found a way to get out of a tub without additional hardware. I’d put my 2-minute video on this site if I knew how. Maybe one day I will know how.

How are the drag show and Kaleidoscope connected? I think the drag show brought me back to life, tho shocked out of my shoes.

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