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Ravitch on Kucinich and Charter Schools

Kucinich, who served 16 years in Congress, was Cleveland mayor in the late 1970s, and ran for president in 2004 and 2008, plans to hold town hall-style forums across the state in Centerville, Columbus, Parma, and Elyria Monday through Thursday. … Continue reading

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a sister’s love – a reblog by Survivor Road

Originally posted on survivor road:
In silence she moves ????the air itself doesn’t betray her presence there is nothing to announce her arrival She walks slowly ????bulbous eyes locked on the floor ????????????where, in the center ????????her prize awaits She…

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What about North Korea?

Originally posted on Imaginomix:
Buffalo Sister City 2017 Exchange Student at Korean War Memorial at Canalside At the risk of sounding like an alarmist, I’m alarmed.  For work and for curiosity, I’ve spent many years following Asia; politics, culture, history,…

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Mack and Jack Work for Nan — a mini-script

Mack and Jack are twins who were separated at birth and never knew they had a twin, or even that they were adopted until they see one another on the street in Athens, Ohio, and do a double-take (pun intended). … Continue reading

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No stranger has been in my condo today but I find my screen on a horizontal, not vertical plain.  I recall long ago having posted a recipe for correcting an upside down screen but it kind of presupposed that a … Continue reading

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Remarkable–Don’t Look at the Boss?

State Dept. employees have been instructed not to speak to or make eye contact with Rex Tillerson By Jen Hayden Friday Mar 31, 2017 · 9:53 AM EDT  

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Another Beginning

Sorry, I didn’t mean to mislead you with hopes for a rosy post. I’m just “cleaning out” my papers again and came across the following which is the beginning of a story I never finished, from 1-4-98, titled “Something About … Continue reading

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