My second book, TIME WRINKLES, was published in July of 2015. Visit Amazon to order the book, then hop over to my Goodreads page and leave a review! It’s available as one of Amazon’s e-books as well as paperback, and contains stories as well as verse.  Let me tell you about one of the prose entries:

On Thanksgiving Day 2000, I was celebrating Thanksgiving with family in Cincinnatti, so did not access my computer. When I returned home my computer was FLOODED with dozens and dozens of mostly irate e-mails from licensed psychologists in my state. They’d joined the ListServ of a professional org
anization, and every e-mail they sent went to the entire list of psychologists, and well, some of them ended up “showing” themselves. I recognized the potential of this batch and printed them all. Now, 15 years later, with Create Space, I can tell the story. A wide range of the ability to cope with stress was manifested by my colleagues.  (Sorry, I do not share their identities in the story)..

lavender nan

Nan Mykel, author of TIME WRINKLES and FALLOUT

My assistant's favorite selection, from Whimsy

My assistant’s favorite selection, from the Whimsy section


                      C O M F O R T
              I proclaim myself an atheist,
              and logic comforts me by day.
               But in the recesses of the night
                I wade through starlit shadows
                and am embraced.

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