No More Bad News

Published May 18, 2023 by Nan Mykel

I hope I can keep this promise: No more bad news from my pen…or keyboard, after today.  Not necessarily good news, either,  maybe just flat-out experiential or Let’s Pretend ideas of the feel-good type.  My very last bad news is…A.I. is sold out, obtained by dark forces, so you can’t believe anything any more.  So, it’s back to poetry which I will try and keep under control.  Things in old books will be okay, but all rcent news organizations have become highly suspect due to their willingness to fund themselves by running well-known shyster ads.  This post is in response to a N.Y. Times column saying A.I. is no longer under control.  You can’t read that column if you’re not a subscriber.

I am still puzzled about what happened to the value of honesty.  Sure did go out of style quickly, at least with the Citizens United decision in 2010.

I see I have to force myself to try and vacate entire areas of negativity, maybe only trust that my nighttime dreams are aimed at helping me grow. It  would be a bad scene if I couldn’t trust myself.  But honestly, there are some areas in which I can’t trust myself…so I try and stay out of them.   So maybe it’s that I know myself  too well, honestly…




3 comments on “No More Bad News

  • If I might offer a suggestion…

    The words “no more” in your inner effort are in themselves negative.

    A more affirmative and realistic inner statement might be “More positivity!”

    That way you don’t deprive yourself too suddenly of your mill’s accustomed grist, allowing graceful surrender to a more naturally paced process.

    It might be good to remember, too, that our eventual goal is less an absolute (none at all of this or that) than a healthier balance ~ the ability to access your capacity for negativity at appropriate times, and in efforts of de-escalation.

    Absolutes are good for initial directional aim toward the center, upon commencement of self-adjustments, but make pretty self-defeating final goals.

    Well, just a few thoughts. You really can’t go wrong aiming for the affirmative in creative contribution! Best of guidance and good fortune to you!


  • Well, Nan … while I definitely wish you luck in keeping it all positive, in tuning out the bad, I’m not sure it’s possible. Or practical. We all need to keep our eyes open, to see and understand what is happening in not only our own community, but our nation and the world, for we are all interconnected, no matter what those who tout “America First” would have you believe. But, we do need to sometimes step back for a day or so and give ourselves a chance to breathe, to smell the flowers. Hugs


    • Thanks for the good words, Jill. It’s just that keeping up with things eats up my whole day and keeps me cranky and I don’t have time for my other attempts at writing. May be I can find some others (like in today’s post) to speak for me and with a much better vocabulary too. I hope to be “around” until I’m not (Smilke).

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