Published May 25, 2022 by Nan Mykel


Nineteen elementary school children and two adults in Texas were killed Tuesday by an adolescent with a gun after shooting his grandmother.

Welcome to America?  Where is love, compassion, empathy, care, conscience?  My journalism professor Buddy Davis at the University of Florida used to frequently refer to the milk of human kindness.  It has been souring rapidly.  The Age of Aquarious didn’t blossom as hoped for.   A U.S. Representative has called on the “dark MAGA” to respond. to his defeat.

What went wrong is now less important than what to do about it.  The Climate Change may humble us, but at what cost?  What has the obscene scrambling for booty cost us?

A young boy teaches his little brother the art of lying while his parents feed the embers of distrust.  It’s my understanding that we continue to be born with the same potential, although down the road our forced appearance on the scene may be increasingly resented.

I tuck away my fleeting suspicion that a great sense of masculine inadequacy feeds the attraction for guns.

The remedy is unclear.  Any hopeful solutions?



  • Nan, we are number one. We have more gun deaths than all the other top 23 civilized nations in the world COMBINED. Our rate of gun deaths is three times that of Canada, where they also like their guns. Three times the rate. Let me say this loudly, once again, we will NEVER solve this problem until our legislators act like parents and grandparents and stop acting like people scared of the NRA focused base. Quite sadly, this is no longer news in America. It has become routine. What shooting will come next week? How many more teens, young adults and college students will commit suicide due to access to guns? How many more adults or kids will be shot, because a four or six year old found a loaded weapon? How many more people will be shot in a mass shooting because someone with a cause, a beef, a fantasy got access to a gun. Thoughts and prayers will not solve this problem. They have become a trite way for a legislator to say I am sorry your loved one is dead, but watch me dribble the basketball to stall out the game clock on this episode. Keith

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  • Dear Nan,

    I fear as long as Congress and state legislators are populated my old men we will not see any meaningful laws passed on this subject. “Thoughts and Prayers” will continue to spill from their withering old lips just as false campaign promises do.

    The American psyche is rooted so deeply in personal independence, it’s stymied by a long-standing gun culture, and it maintains a false theory that EVERY American needs to bear arms or perish. The world shakes their head in disbelief at our collective lack of mental growth as a nation, long free of British rule and lawlessness of westward expansion.

    Can the medical profession screen young adults as a prerequisite to puberty and/or high school attendance. Maybe some with tendencies toward hate and violence might be discovered before they do harm. Periodic screenings that follow, interactions with others, and professional observations should spot red flags so mandatory interventions can begin.

    Require all firearms be insured against misuse, in “accidents”, in crimes, and for theft. Maybe fewer individuals would own weapons considering the added steep expense, and pressure from insurers because then they, insurance companies, would liable for their insured’s misdeeds against others.

    And finally, any gun made for the purpose of war should never be in the hands of the general population. You want to hunt? Excellent. Buy, insure, and use your hunting rifle against deer, rabbits and quail. But pistols? Automatic rifles? All should be banned with stiff penalties for those how choose to harbor them. Make such weapons inoperable in the hands of civilians who cannot give them up. Like a boot on a car that’s parked illegally, you can own it, but you cannot use it. And neither can anyone else.

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